Primary Perspective The Central Learning Experience

Call To Action

  • Driving Question: What positive impact can you make in your community?
  • Call To Action, Design Thinking Process, Community Connections, Strength Based, Mentor Texts, Culminating Events

Expert Learners

...learners understand their strengths and challenges and are able to deploy learning strategies to support their learning.

Learners use the strategies that work best for them to solve problems. Learners are able to articulate what they did and why they did it.

Thinking Globally

Writing A Book: Global connection, Research, Expert Consultation, Collaboration, Creation, Giving Back


The learners can guide the design of their learning to explore interests, talents, and passions...

Choosing the topic, choosing the way in which he expresses his learning with others.

Just In Time Learning

Learners were able to access content when they needed it.

CYSD Ideal Learning Experience

Learners Are:

  • Met at their level of learning
  • Using one of their best learning styles
  • Learning skills & concepts of high interest
  • Understanding the relevancy of what they are learning
  • Looking forward to coming back tomorrow

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