Town of Chase Cade Budz

One issue in Chase is that people are ignoring their drainage ditches, and they can become filled with overgrowth and debris, which causes flooding and other problems.

The town of Chase's solution to this is to require property owners to clean their drainage ditches. I agree with this solution, because it is a simple way to keep ditches clean to prevent problems. Another thing they could do is have volunteers or hired citizens clean out all of the ditches so even if a drainage Dutch isn't on someone's property it will still get cleaned.

The Stone Barn is a big part of Chase history, as one of the last all- fieldstone barns in the country.

Town hall: 8481 County Rd S, Sobieski WI 54171

Located in Oconto County

Other issues I researched are the use of insecticide on emerald ash borers, fire numbers, snow on roadways, and stones on culvert pipes.

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