Sharks jackson gregg

Great white sharks are known today as the most dangerous shark in the ocean today.Great whites are mainly found around Australia and north and south America.Their bodies are well adapted to the ocean for example their torpedo like shape lets them shoot through the water and their white bellies blend in with the sunlight when seen from under it and Great whites can even roll there eyes back into there head while attacking to protect them.Sharks have a lot of teeth and loose them all the time the average shark goes trough about thirty one thousand teeth in their life.Great white sharks produce up to ten pups at a time ,but they do not reproduce often making it hard to raise population.Sharks eat almost anything.the remains of sheep,pigs,horses,and even hippos have been found in there stomach.There main diet is made up of seals,dead whales,and small fish.

Great whites are not the killers there shown to be in movies like Jaws.In most attacks the Great white bites down then lets go realising its mistake.Most of the time sharks let go because humans flesh is not fatty.More people are killed every year by falling coconuts and cows than sharks.Sharks should fear us more than we fear them because humans kill around ten thousand sharks a year while sharks kill around three people a year.Fifty five to eighty percent of people survive shark attacks Great whites are dangerous though they mistake people on surf boards for seals and sea turtles.The Great white is neither a abaundent nor a schooling species,they can usually be found alone or in a group of two.the Great white is the most famous shark and the most well known around the world

The Bull shark is considered the most dangerous shark by many experts because they live very close to shore and have very aggressive attacks and are territorial.the Bull shark will eat anything that comes in front of them like dogs,dolphins,sea turtles,horses,and sea birds.The Bull shark is named bull because of its round nose and its aggressive nature.The Bull shark is different than other sharks because it can go up rivers and live in lakes because it can breath in fresh water too.There were one hundred and four recorded attacks in the last one hundred and fifty years and many of them were in lakes and rivers.The well known Jersey Shore attack that left four dead and one injured was caused by Bull sharks.

There are over four hundred sixty five species of sharks in the ocean today and each are different,like the Whale shark it is the largest fish in the ocean.The Blue shark is the fastest shark in the ocean,and the Lantern shark has bioluminescents .No two sharks are the same.Over all sharks diet is not made up of much meat only twenty five percent of shark species eat meat.Sharks habitats are very different between species some live in shallow waters near shore others live at the bottom of the ocean.Sharks live all around the world because different species live in different places.

Sharks belong to a family of fish that have skeletons made of cartilage a softer more flexible like bone.humans have cartilage in there nose and ears.Sharks skin is made of a series of scales that act as an outer skeleton for easy movement and saving energy.Sharks like the Great white can produce forty thousand pounds per square inch of bite force,but even Great whites don't bite much harder than humans do.All sharks bite force and skin are different,but most have the same skin type.

Sharks have inhabited oceans for over four hundred million years.The earliest sharks lived with the dinosaurs and were fifty feet long and would eat whales and other dinosaurs.Sharks have survived many world wide disasters and will probably survive the next disaster.Sharks like the megalodon would have been bigger than a school bus.If these sharks were still alive today we would probably not even be able to travel by ships anymore.

Sharks are strange when it comes to birth.Sharks have the longest gestation period that can last up to two years.Sharks are cannibals because when a shark embryo develops teeth it will eat its siblings till there is one left.Grown sharks are cannibal too because when they give birth if the shark pup does not swim away the mother will eat it.Shark pups are born able to hunt and kill and are on there own as soon as there born.

Sharks breath water like all fish,But in order to breath they half to keep moving to let water pass over there gills.If they do stop moving they will drown.This prevents them from staying still and ambush prey,so instead a Great white will swim low and start swimming upward really fast and shoot out of the water right under its prey,this only works on seals and sea birds.Sharks simply just swim after a fish and eat it when it eats fish.

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