May's "X" My Ultimate goal in FY17 :)

Thought Process
  • How do I make the ANZ business more successful?
  • What cadence/reporting gap do we have right now?
  • What can I do, to ensure my key stakeholders are always up-to-date and look good in every single meeting?
  • How do I make the Managers/Sales Team mainly focused on selling?
  • How can I enable the Sales Leaders to know what they need to ensure success?
  • How can I help myself, to make sure I don't get swamped during QBRs and Executive Reviews?
  • How can I add value to the business and grow in my role?
  • How can I help the team standardise some of the work we have?
Observations on the business
  • 5 Consecutive Qtrs of missing QRF
  • Overhaul of Sales Organisational Structure
  • Sales mentality is still centred around CQ
  • Lots of different sources of information/channels of information
  • New Sales Leaders introduced into the business
  • A lot of cool tools and Dashboards/Reports are being introduced but are we utilising it properly?
  • Planning process is too time consuming
  • Our Cadence/Forecast process is too time consuming and deal-orientated
  • Still a lot of manual work!!!
Idea (WIP)
  • Weekly reporting deck (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) - mini QBR?
  • Single source of truth and reference point
  • Present my findings to the Sales Leaders so they know the state of their business
Data required (WIP)
  • Call to Action
  • Who needs to do what and when? How do we involve the Virtual team and work off the same source of information.
  • Trends - weekly/fornightly/monthly/qtrly
  • Insights
  • Detailed but digestable data points
  • Breakdown of deals - licensing type, product type, etc
  • Assessment of risk
  • Focus on growing the BOB, maintaining the RBOB and acquiring new logo
Tangible Measurements
  • How much time is saved during weekly cadence/forecasting?
  • Alignment with virtual team
  • Improvement with SFDC hygiene

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