Jello Earthquake

During math teacher Adam Stroud's fifth period Algebra II Pre-Ap class, a group gave a presentation to demonstrate earthquakes and their effect. Different groups tried to build a house made of marshmallows and toothpicks that could withstand the earthquake.

Sophomores Tara Robbins and Bryce Ward focus on building the houses.
Sophomores Katlynn Walker, Faith Wilder and Haley Owens try to make the foundation of the house.
Stroud shakes the houses in Jello as representation of an earthquake.
Group #2 begins to put together the house to win the demonstration. Going clockwise starting in the back left is junior Hunter Roach and Devan Thompson, then sophomores Garrick Stidmas, Ben Tapp, Tori Tuell and Jordan Hedge.
Stroud in the process of testing the winning sculpture.

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