Athletics Peer Leadership 2019-2020

Athletics Peer Leadership is designed for HS students who seek to take on one or more of the following roles:

  • coach
  • official
  • athletic trainer
  • sport journalist

All HS students are welcome. Experienced or not.

Athletics Peer Leadership offers HS students the opportunity to lead and to play a greater role in the ASL athletics community.


Athletics Peer Leadership engages HS students in creating and sustaining a culture of lifelong student leadership development, training, and education. This program seeks to empower students to become everyday leaders by facilitating and encouraging opportunities for co-curricular learning, self-reflection, and skill development all related to the roles listed above. We aim to develop leaders who embody the school's core values of respect, responsibility, kindness, integrity and the courage to act.

What makes you a good candidate?

If you...

...then you would be a good candidate!

We are confident that students who take part in this program will enjoy working with our youngest athletes as well as being mentored by experienced members of staff.

Students will be given opportunities to reflect on learning goals; expand, refine, and build new skills; share ideas; teach one another and solve problems within their school community.

Athletics Peer Leadership aims to grow the inclusiveness and togetherness of the ASL community.


Expectation of the 4 different roles

Student coaches will be assigned to a middle school sports team. The student coach will assist an adult coach.

Expectations Student Coaches:

  • Expected to attend all training days (once a week)
  • Should be ready to lead sections of or whole practice sessions
  • Be present at tournaments and festivals/jamboree days

Student officials are scheduled to officiate games at ASL. This could be during the week or on Saturdays.

Expectations Student Officials:

  • Communicate well with our officials coordinator in order to know your assignments
  • Always arrive 30 minutes in advance of scheduled games
  • Communicate clearly to colleagues, coaches and athletes

There is always a member of the Athletics Department assigned to assist as needed at every game.

Student Athletic Trainers, assist the Athletic Trainer (AT) in her job to provide health care to athletes.

Student Athletic Trainers will learn to provide basic support for athletes.

Expectations of Student Athletic Trainers:

  • Be present on your scheduled training days
  • Attend tournaments and games as assigned

Student Sport Journalists, report on middle school home matches. With reports edited and published in the Eagle Eye newsletter.

Students need to sign up at least 2 days in advance of any game they wish to report on.

HS students and MS students will work together in pairs. Your mentor will be Akay Mustafa and he will organize your commitment for the season.

Expectations Student Sport Journalists:

  • Be present at home matches as assigned
  • Write a summary of 1 or 2 paragraphs and take pictures for the game/meet/match/tournament that is attended.
  • Send the finished version for each game to Akay Mustafa - middle school athletic director (akay_mustafa@asl.org)

Further possible development

Athletics Peer Leadership is designed to help students to get to know what it is like to be a leader. Be it as coach, official, trainer or journalist, students will experience leadership in a variety sporting settings.

What does life after the Athletics Peer Leadership Program look like?

  • It may be possible in some sports and roles to obtain certification through one of our external partners.
  • After receiving certification students may wish to take their leadership career further by working for external organizations.
  • Once qualified, students can continue to coach, officiate and be a first aid responder after their time at ASL. This can often provide a source of income as well as continued social opportunities.

Click the button below and select '2019-20 Sports Offerings Overview' to learn more about the specific sports.


Application procedure:

  1. Read the terms and conditions stated beneath the application section
  2. Apply using the relevant links below
  3. Successful applicants will receive an invitation to interview with the Athletics Department
  4. Successful students continue to become student coaches, officials, athletic trainers and sport journalists

Please read the following terms and conditions before applying

Time commitment

Athletics Peer Leadership requires time commitment from student leaders. Keep in mind that a student leader is expected to attend weekly practices and games/ matches/meets.

In addition, the student leader may be required to attend a course to obtain his/her qualification. The course may consist of practical, theoretical and online assignments.


We expect the student leader to act professional at all times. Student leaders can demonstrate actions but are not allowed to participate in countable athletically related activities. (e.g., as a practice player).

As role models for the younger students, we expect student leaders to be punctual, well presented and positive. Students failing to set a positive example to students may be removed from activity.


Student leaders encounter confidential information regarding the athletes. We expect that this information is kept in trusted circles. Due to the privacy law, coaches, officials and trainers are not allowed to take unauthorized pictures. Permission must be sought from the MS Athletics Director.

Way to dress

Student leaders must dress appropriately for the activity. We expect students to wear sportswear and ASL coaching attire which will be provided.

NHS hours

NHS students are allowed to add Athletics Peer Leadership hours as their NHS hours. The athletics department will provide you with a confirmation letter at the end of the season.

What other student leaders think

Scorekeeping has allowed me to meet new students and develop relationships with athletics faculty, whom I would not normally have a chance to interact with - Olivia ’21 - Student Table Official
I think being a student coach is a fantastic way to get to know the younger grades of ASL as well as gain experience as a coach through weekly practices - Monet ’19 - Student coach
It's really rewarding to know that I might influence a young player to keep playing a sport and to help them achieve the goals that they have set for themselves - Jack Clark ’20 - Student coach