The Story of Ricardo A Story of struggles and success

The person I interviewed is named Ricardo Santuario. Ricardo is my older brother, my only brother. He is the oldest out of me and my sister and is four years older than me. Ricardo was born in Los Angeles California. The reason I interviewed him was because he plays a very important role in my life and has always been a good role model. Ricardo always made sure to let us know and understand the difference from good and bad. He made sure that me and my sister were always to be opened-minded about the new things in the world and to never be afraid of speaking up for our believes. He got involved with wanting to make a change in the world.

The obstacles Ricardo overcame was having to deal with the pressure of being the best. He has always been an excellent student and kid therefore he has always been pushed to do better than everyone. In elementary he was punished when he end with more 3s than 4s. In middle school he was punished if he came home with anything below an A- in any class. Sometimes my parents would let B+ minimum slide but that was on the rare occasions. He was pressure to be a good example to me and my sister and to make sure to not make any mistakes so my sister and I wouldn’t follow. He dealt with my parents harsh ways in the past the most and with my parents problems. He did get to enjoy much of being a kid and instead had to work and study hard being the brains in the house. Even in the future he came out as pansexual when I came out to my parents he struggled to stay happy when he knew that my mom was upset at me and him and later question what she did wrong with me and him.

After some time my parents began changing and brother just got used to having to have As on his report card. He was always the best and always did good. He graduated high school and went off to the college he wanted to go to. He is in his second year at UC Berkeley and works as a security guard. He met many people and made many friends. Even though he struggles a little to get good grades he tries his hardest. Being good person helped him become open-minded and being open-minded helped him get friends. He is now on his way to be the person he wants to be and make a change at least a small change in the world.

The reason Ricardo is such a positive influence in my life is because he taught me how to be open-minded to styles, music, people, and other things in society. He was the reason why I was never confused about my sexuality or identity. He taught me the difference in the world that people disliked and liked. He taught me that many people aren’t gonna always agree with the way I think. He taught me that many people were gonna hurt me but many would always be there. He made sure I knew how to accept people and their opinion on certain things. He is slowly teaching me how to find myself and how to be a much better person. He has always fought for what he believed and is a very talented person.

I learned that he had it harder than me and my sister. I learned that hard work really does pay off at the end. Even though my brother went through struggles of being pressured to be better than everyone and to always be perfect he probably learned a couple things. It was probably horrible how my parents treated him but I’m glad they ended up changing so my brother could feel better about himself and let him be who he wants to be. My brother would have probably been in the same good path to success but he probably wouldn’t be himself and wouldn’t worry about others misinterpreting the fact that he’s trying to be as perfect as possible. I learned that my brother never really liked being the smart and older one in the house because that just put a lot of pressure on him. I learned that he wanted to be treated normally and like child. That there was times where he didn’t want to do any work or study. He lacked being himself at times and that bothered him. Now he is who he is and can be himself and express himself. The reason he is such good role model is because he was able to be himself and to express himself but continues to do well in school and be responsible.

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Diana Santuario


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