Third Estate to be seen by King Louis XVI Adriana aguilar

After the American Revolution, France had many problems. There was debt from helping in the American Revolution, food shortages, and the royalty class is still rich and profitable. Because of these problems, King Louis XVI called the estates general to a meeting (French version of Parliament.)

The 1st and 2nd Estate overwhelm the 3rd estate with taxes, and many other problems.

Two events that came before the event: French King Louis XVI calls The Estate General to a meeting which hasn't been called since 1614. France was suffering with many problems and the King needed support in raising taxes to help deal with France's dangerous financial problems; money spent on the wars in the prior years, including the American Revolution which depleted the budget.

Third Estate meets with King Louis XVI. Picture by Jacques-Louis David of the National Assembly

The Third Estate voted to create A constitution for their government, but it did not work because they were the only Estate so agree to this. And when they wanted to create their own constitution, they could when they named themselves the National Assembly

Third Estate in the Tennis Court.;_the_deputies_of_the_third_estate_m_Wellcome_V0048257.jpg

Questions/Hypothesis: Will King Louis XVI still remain in throne after fleeing Versailles? Although he fled to escape being hurt by his people, many still wonder what is going to happen afterward.

Could the Tennis Court Oath bring an end to the Estate System? The Tennis Court Oath brought an answer to France's current problems, but will it help with upcoming problems?

Will France remain with no equality for many of its people? The people of France wanted Equality after the American Revolution, which is why the French Estate system was created. This eventually led to the poorer people wanting something different because they did the most work in all of the estates.


Created with images by Jorge Lascar - "Versailles fa├žade as seen from the salon d'Hercule"

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