Saudi Studies: All About Algeria Hashim BukhtiaR


Hi! I'm Hashim and I'm going to tell everything you need to know about Algeria!

Algeria is located in Western Africa!
The religion in Algeria is Sunni Islam!
The total population of Algeria is 40,914,112 . 99% of the total population are Muslim.
The government of Algeria is a constitutional presidential republic. That means that there is both a president and a prime minister. The president controls the state, and the prime minister controls the government!
Geography: Algeria is the largest country in Africa. 90% of it's landscape is occupied by the Sahara Desert, the largest desert in the world! Also, the Atlas Mountains are to the north.

Some of Algeria's natural resources are...



And Uranuim!

Native Foods: Some of the Algerian cultural foods are: Saffron and Raisin Couscous with Fresh Mint, Fresh Sweet Dates, Etzai (Mint Tea), Banadura Salata B'Kizbara (Tomato and Coriander Salad), Sweet Couscous Dessert, Stuffed Dates and Walnuts.
Climate: The climate of Algeria can be both hot and cold. In the summer months, temperatures in desert regions of Algeria can hit 50°C. But nights in the Sahara are often cold and in winter, temperatures can go a bit below freezing. The north of Algeria is cooler, due to its being further away from the equator, enjoying a Mediterranean-style climate.
Flag: This is the flag of Algeria. It was adopted on the 3rd of July, 1962. The green half represents Islam, and is believed to be a favorite color of Prophet Muhammad and his daughter, Fatima. Green is also mentioned several times in the Quran, in relation to paradise. Red symbolizes liberty and the bloodshed and sacrifice of martyrs who died in the struggle for independence of Algeria. White symbolizes peace and purity. the crescent and star are also Islamic symbols and hence symbolizes, as I said earlier, the majority religion of Algeria.
Cultural Clothing: The traditional Algerian clothing for men is a head covering that is red fez wrapped with a white cloth. Women's clothing is similar, although more complete in its coverage. The haik drapes them from head to foot, and is worn over loose pants, which are gathered at the ankle.

Famous Algerian Monuments


This famous monument to the Algerian war for independence is one of Algiers' most unmissable landmarks. It was first opened to the public in 1982, 20 years after Algeria was granted independence.


Built in 1910, this is certainly no ordinary post office and really does capture peoples' attention. Its white neo-Moorish styling and highly decorative interior is perhaps Algiers' most famous landmark. A popular tourist destination for its architecture, the building still plays a central role in life in Algiers.


Built on a hill, the Casbah is an impressive sight. This must-see for visitors to Algiers is made up of a collection of architecture, including houses, palaces and mosques, many of which date back to the Ottomon period (1453).

Those are just 3 of the 7 famous Algerian monuments that await in the wonderful Algeria.

Capital and Major Cities: The capital of Algeria is Algiers. This is pretty much the only major city because most of the famous monuments that I talked about earlier are found there.
Important Algerian Dates: July 3, 1962 because that was when Algeria gained independence. Every July 5th because that the national Algeria day which followed shortly after the country's independence.
Fun Fact: Only 12% of the total country's is inhabited.

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