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School uniforms keep students focused on their education, not their clothes. A bulletin published by the National Association of Secondary School Principals states that "when all students are wearing the same outfit, they are less concerned about how they look and how they fit in with their peers; thus, they can concentrate on their schoolwork".

Among those variety of reasons why students should wear uniforms, I think the one above is the most supportive and the strongest argument. Apply to the case in Forest Ridge, an all-girls school, where comparing and gossips are tend to occur easily. The implement of school uniforms prevents these phenomena from happening and partly reduces girl's mental stress.

What happened to this girl of violating school's dress code?

“The purpose of the shame suit is not to humiliate,” one school minister said, “It’s to identify that it’s the school district’s clothing and reiterate that dress code violations will be addressed. The term ‘shaming’ has not been associated with this other than the girl's mom’s own verbiage.”

From the school's perspective and purpose, the shame suit is just a measure of punishment for students who violate the dress code, and a way to address the importance of following the dress code. However, meanwhile, it creates some adverse effects, especially for the student who is punished. The appearance in shame suit is distinct among all the students, which in turn will draw others' attention and side conversations to this student. Some students may regard this as a warn to obey the dress codes, while some may just treat this as a laughingstock without understanding the real intention behind this.

This reminds me of a similar case occurred in a Chinese elementary school. In China, all the elementary students are required to wear a red scarf once they joined the Young Pioneers in first grade. It's a loose and thin red scarf for the student to tie around the neck. However, some teachers came up the idea of making students with poor grades wear a green scarf instead. They want those students to feel motivated to catch up with the class; while using this as a warning to keeping other students working hard in order to stay away from the green scarf.

This will not only hurt the student's self-esteem, but also draw side comments and despite to that student. Apply to both the case of school uniforms and students with bad grades, teachers' intention of making them wearing something different are is to prevent this mistake from happening again. However, this action does way more harm than good. There should be other more appropriate ways to deal with this kind of issues.

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