Google Forms By Kelli Karlson

Google Forms is a new and easy way educators can collect, analyze, and compare information. There are quite a few different ways to utilize this trending tool in the classroom. Below is a video to get started with Google Forms.

My favorite part of Google forms is that I can create a quiz that could consist of multiple choice questions, checkboxes, drop down, short answer, paragraph, or Linear rating scale. The best part is that all of the responses are neatly organized in real-time. I can have students take a test, instantly collecting data on student understanding.

These are two samples of assessments I have exercised in my classroom.

1.) Open a NEW Google Forms. Name your new form in the top left corner, then choose a theme by clicking the paint palette in the top right corner. You can choose a solid color, a picture, or pattern.

*Tip* In order to make your Google Form a quiz, click the settings icon in the top right corner. Choose the 'Quizzes' tab and click 'Make this a quiz'. You can also control what students see - when to release the student's grade, missed questions, correct answers, and/or point values.
In settings, under GENERAL you can determine whether students are allowed to edit after they submit and if students are capable of seeing summary charts and responses. Under PRESENTATION you can set a progress bar, shuffle the question order, and choose whether there is a like to submit another response. *You can even edit the confirmation response !!

2.) Enter the title of your Google Form - you can also add a description. Add a question by clicking the + sign on the right side of the page. Choose what type of question (keep in mind that Google can only grade multiple choice questions without an add-on). The question can consist of text, a photo, or video. You can also break your form into sections Make the question required to answer by clicking the slider button 'required'.

Linear Scale
Multiple choice
Check boxes
drop down
Multiple choice grid

3.) You may add an answer key on the bottom left of the each question. Choose the correct answer and assign the point value for the question. Here, add feedback for an incorrect question or a correct question. Within the feedback, you could include a link to a tutorial or practice page to help students understand why they may have gotten the answer wrong.

Once you are done, you can click the eye icon on the top right of the Google Form to view your form how others will see it.

NOW, for the best part!!! All of the responses are compiled in Google Sheets, you can view this by clicking the spreadsheet icon under responses.

If you included other types of questions besides multiple choice you can get the add-on Flubaroo for Google Sheets to grade the assignment for you. Flubaroo will identify students who scored below a 70% (great for teachers to see which students are still struggling with certain concepts!) Follow the tutorial to get started with Flubaroo!


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