Teach circus in schools Primary offering

Launching early 2017. Teach circus in schools.

A new approach to PSHE, PE and mental health in schools.

Teach circus In schools a brand new concept in teaching primary PE that improves mental health of all pupils.

It's a stress free alternative to wondering how you will fit everything into your school day.

  1. Physical Education that's accessible to all
  2. Suitable from Reception to Key Stage 3
  3. Easy for teachers and TA's to deliver
  4. Fun activities that all children will enjoy
  5. Stress of staff reduced as it offers cross curriculum planning

Would you like a way to use a PE activity to help fulfill more of the national curriculum?

Then you need to invest in Teach Circus In Schools. Our innovative and scientifically backed method of combining PE with PHSE will provide you with a fun, energetic, inclusive and easy to deliver activity. Read on to find out how it can also link to many other subjects in school.

So what is Teach circus in schools and how does it help?

Juggling lesson in action

Teach circus in schools is the brainchild of Matt Gupwell who has been running circus skills workshops and clubs in schools for 8 years and teaching for over 10. With his circus workshop business www.jesteracademy.co.uk Matt has introcuded circus skills to hundreds of teachers and pupils throughout the UK. The positive feedback about his workshops and clubs and how they impacted pupils during the sesssions and afterwards inspired Matt to create the Teach Circus In Schools system.

To that end and backed by research into other successful circus education programmes in Canada, America, New Zealand and Sweden whilst working with education professionals, Matt used his years of teaching experience and created a system which turns things inside out. Instead of schools booking circus performers and tutors to come in for one day to run sessions where where pupils may only get 90 minutes to experience circus activities, Teach circus in schools gives teachers the skills and ability to run regular, weekly, circus skills based sessions for all of their pupils in school. It also creates opportunities for teacher lead, free to pupils, school clubs using the training and equipment provided.

As our approach sits part way between PE and PSHE topics it's an invaluable resource to help teaching staff deliver fun, interactive and scalable lessons whilst still achieving key parts of the curriculum for both PE and PSHE. We are also aware that such activities are a very postive part of offering enrichment to those pupils who need it most as well as to those who may be eligible for Pupil Premium funding and potentially Sport Premium funding as well.

The idea

For many years’ circus skills have be regarded as a special treat, a reward for good behaviour or a kick start to a new topic. They are always greeted with the same enthusiasm, excitement and energy by pupils in every school.

So, why not then capitalise on those emotions and transform the way your pupils engage in PE by including circus skills activities in their curriculum. At the same time your children will be learning valuable lessons derived from Social circus philosophies that are transferable to PSHE in school. The concepts of self awareness, spacial awareness, turn taking, positive encouragement, accepting feedback and help, sharing, being responsible for equipment, trust and more are all constants within circus skills activities and lessons that often children learn without directly knowing they are learning them.

The tools you can use to make a real difference in school?

But can circus skills really help my students?

Circus skills activities are the only activities in the world proven to have such positive mental health benefits as well as real world learning benefits. Indeed, they are the only activities proven to help children achieve more in wider school as evidenced here.

Circus skills are also proven to help children learn to read, to help children relax, to learn to learn effectively and to overcome social and emotional difficulties as well as being very suited to those children with SEND requirements.

There are no other activities that could fall under the banner of PE that can genuinely claim to achieve all of that. Indeed, other schemes of work that exist have simply “borrowed” movements and activities from the world of circus and rebranded them to assist in claiming similar benefits.

But How Will We Assess Circus Skills, Are The Activities In Line With The National Curriculum?

"Pupils should be taught to: master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as developing balance, agility and co-ordination, and begin to apply these in a range of activities participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending perform dances using simple movement patterns."

You may recognise the requirements above as being those from the national curriculum for ks1 pupils. What’s interesting is that everything on this list is easily achieved during a year of circus skills activities, if not easily exceeded. Our recommended schemes of work and suggested lesson ideas as well as the extensive resources available on our secure teacher portal will give you all the information you need not just to plan curriculum approved lessons but to assess and monitor pupil performance better than ever before. This applies to ks2 and ks3 as well.

But we already have an external PE coaching company teaching our PE.

So wouldn't it be great to save that cost year on year? We understand the with the pressures on teachers and the constraints on budgets it been a popular choice to employ the services of external PE providers in schools in the last few years. Certainly, on the face of it this appeared to be a cost effective, time effective idea. However, it is not without issues.

External coaches don’t know your pupils the way you and your staff do. They can’t adequately appreciate all their individual personal and learning needs. Pupils don’t bond with external coaches in the same way as they do with their own teachers and so close relationships of trust and support are harder to build up. It's also true that as external coaches are often not trained in SEND, behavioural and mental health issues they are not best place to deal with individual issues as they arise.

Our scheme overcomes all those issues by bringing the delivery of PE in house. This reduces your schools spend on external coaching as once the scheme and equipment is purchased there will only ever be a licence fee to retain access to the teacher’s portal each year.

Having your staff deliver the sessions is also more beneficial for the pupils as they get to see their teachers taking part and learning along with them.

How does this fit into PHSE and other subjects?

Circus skills are somewhat unique in that they are as much about personal challenges and goals as they are about working in groups and teams. The very nature of the activities lend themselves very well to such ideas as 'turn taking', 'sharing', 'encouraging other', 'personal phsical awareness (physical literacy)', 'resilience', 'sharing success' and much more. Indeed our own experiences of teaching regular clubs at primary schools has shown that when children experience success within circus skills they are readily able to translate those learning skills and feelings of trying and succeeding, often after lots of practise, back into the class rooom and into other lessons.

We are also aware that Circus itself is a very popular topic within schools for a terms theme. By experiencing first hand the skills involved in the Circus you open up for pupils a whole host of learning opportunities in English, History, Science, Geography, Math and more. (resources for all of these topics will always be available on the Teachers Portal after the training course is completed and equipment purchased.

how does the scheme work?

We combine a professionally delivered, 2 day CPD course lead by experienced trainers who will teach your staff the theory and practice of teaching circus skills and related activities to Primary age children. During the course delegates, will learn why the activities have such unparalleled positive benefits as well as how to get the best from every pupil. They will also have lots of time to physically handle, use and learn to teach with all the equipment your school will purchase as part of the system.

With Teach Circus In Schools we will train up to 3 key staff on our professional CPD course held at a time to suit staff without the need to staff to be out of lessons (the course can be delivered over 4 evening sessions, a weekend or in school holiday time as we do not want schools to incur supply teacher costs where possible) and will also host a whole staff inset day to introduce the scheme, the equipment and the activities to all other teaching and support staff.

This means that the key staff experience the full training which not only includes the teaching practise and theory but also the equipment management and understanding or our replacements scheme for broken or lost stock. All other staff will receive a full inset day of training and hands on learning with the equipment the school will purchase as well as full access to the online teacher portal where all the lesson guidelines, resources and schemes of work will be held.

Upon paying the course deposit the school will receive delivery of the professional grade circus skills equipment, with a fully itemised checklist and care instructions. This then be ready for use on the whole staff training day.

The cost:

CPD course. 2 days duration at a time to suit your staff. = £495 per person.

Inset day and cost of equipment to school and access to teacher portal = £2500

You Can Email Us At Info@Teachcircusinschools.Co.Uk today to discuss your schools requirement with us.

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