Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH By: Devon Giddens

Nature on Display

The butterfly garden immediately captured my attention because of all the vibrant colors, luscious greens, and freshly photosynthesized oxygen. Walking into the butterfly garden was like walking into a sub tropical rainforest. Immediately upon my entrance I was greeted by a gouldian finch, a rare colorful finch not usually found in Florida. I also learned from one of the keepers of the garden that they had moths there as well, most of which would simply look just like butterflies to the untrained eye. This display was particularly enjoyable for me because the real sensations of the nature around me stole my attention more than any book or video about the same content ever could.

Nature and Ethics

More so than ever, I was able to experience the sense of justice that nature possesses. Like Leopold, I began to see myself as a member of the "biotic community" rather than being in dominion over the land. I was able to clearly hear nature's call to be loved, respected, and most important of all admired. My experience did reinforce the idea in my mind that as humans, we possess a great responsibility to take care of this beautiful gift we have been given as our ethical responsibility.

Nature and the Human Spirit

I could not agree more with Herschel about taking the time to connect with the eternal to appreciate the majesty and wonder and beauty of the universe. If we're not doing so, we're only doing ourselves a great injustice. There is something powerful about realizing our humanity and how small it is compared to the vastness of this great and marvelous universe. However, often the hustle and bustle of ordinary life prevents us from doing so, so I am grateful for my good life trip to the FLMNH for forcing me to do something I know I actually desire to do, which is be mind boggled by the awesomeness, complexity, and mystery of the creation around us.
Created By
Devon Giddens


Created with images by jared422_80 - "Gainesville - Florida Museum of Natural History - Butterfly Rainforest - Blue Morpho"

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