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Personal Education Philosophy

My name is Kiara Lewis, and I have always had a love for children but I did not realize that it should have been my career choice. After getting my degree in Health Information Technology and having kids I found my true calling. I want to be a child’s safe haven. Even the children that seem to have the perfect life still need that one person they can go to with anything. Teachers are sometimes a child’s first touch of reality. They usually see students in a light that most parents do not get to see. This is why teachers are not just there to teach, but to also be a guidance counselor and at times a safety net. I do not believe that anyone can be a good teacher. It takes more than assignments, test, and grading papers. It takes compassion and love. You can’t be a teacher and not care.

I am a true believer that all students learn at a different pace and different ways. Sometimes it takes time to figure out the best way to reach a student. Some students are not as eager to learn, and you have to find a way to reach them. You have to be able to plan a lesson that all students will have a connection with. I would not just teach a lesson one way, but make sure I teach the lesson in multiple ways. Also, something that worked this year for my students may not work the following year for my students. You have to adjust your lessons based on your students.

I want to be an effective teacher, and an effective teacher does many things other than teach. They are there to provide security, to be an activist from them, and to make sure their basic needs are being met at home. Teachers are sometimes the first to notice when things are not going right at home. Maybe the student does not get to eat at home or maybe they don’t have clean clothes. I am not naïve enough to believe every parent in those situations are truly neglecting their children, but are doing the best that they can with what they have. As a teacher I would find a way to help, but not the other students know I am helping him. That is the last thing you would want to do is embarrass a child in that way.

Technology Philosophy

As an educator it is your job to ensure you are up to par with the latest trends in technology. Especially now with students being so tech savvy, and most can show you how to work all the technology in the classrooms. Technology adds a little something extra to your lesson, and a lot of times you gain a student’s interest just because of the use of some type of technology, and I can only predict technology is going to become more and more advanced. I believe in adding technology into class lessons, but I also don’t want it to become a distraction. I believe you sometimes may have to adjust depending on your students. Some students are not mature enough to handle some things, and you just need to be flexible.

I also believe that adding technology can make any lesson fun, but it is important when introducing a new technology to have a safety talk with the children. They need to know the things they can and can’t do. They need to know how to handle the technology in general. As an educator you have to be careful and make sure your students understand the importance of safety with the internet, social media, and any technology around them. I think a lot of teachers miss that step. They automatically think students just now the dos and don’ts, but in reality no one has taken the time out to show them how to safely use certain technology.


The Makey Makey assignment is one thing that truly demonstrates inspiring students creativity. This was an assignment that was truly fun, but involved hands on learning. Students would not even feel as though they are doing class work, but just having fun.

This standard to means interacting in activity with your students, and not just assigning them an assignment. It also means to push your students out of their comfort zone a little, but at the same time letting them know that we are all learning together. I want my students to feel as though we are in this together, and it is okay if we make a few mistakes a long the way. This artifact is a prime example of my growth, and the way I felt after the completion of this assignment is the same way I want my students to feel. I was so surprised that I was actually able to do something like this, and I was definitely out of my comfort zone. I am more confident in my abilities when it comes to doing things out of the ordinary.


The artifact that specifically relates to this standard is my lesson plan. This lesson plan includes all the information needed to adequately teach a required lesson based on the Louisiana standards. This artifact aligns with this standard, because it shows I can design and develop different learning experiences and assess them properly. I have include my lesson plan so just click the lesson plan button!

This standard means to basically create a planned learning environment with activities, assessments, and also meet the required standards based on the grade level you are teaching. At the beginning I was a little hesitant about creating lesson plans for my class. It was not that I did not have ideas for activities and assignments, but the lesson plan was a little scary for me. I am a little more confident in my abilities to actually create a lesson plan, and I know they will only get better.


My flipped lesson is exactly what modeling digital age work and learning is. Being a teacher calls for creativity, technology, and just thinking outside of the box. What better way to that then providing a flipped classroom. A way to give your students a little extra help that they can have at home. Sometimes students need your help outside of school, and this way they have that help.

In my opinion, this standard means using the technology and other things around you to engage and teach your students. It means to go that extra mile, and not just the basic white board and dry erase markers. Make your class exciting and give your students all that you can. In the beginning I thought I completely understood this standard, but I did not realize all the ways I could reach it. I would have never thought for the younger children a flipped lesson was even possible but it is. I think after doing this I am confident, and honestly it made me actually look at myself as a teacher. I am confident that I can do this.


The digital newsletter that I created using smore is a prime example of promoting and modeling digital citizenship. This amazing newsletter shows the importance of internet and technology safety, but not in just the boring fashion. This newsletter can simply be showed in a classroom with videos embedded, and it would make an internet safety lesson a breeze.

In my opinion, this standard means that educators have the responsibility to be aware of the issues that are going on around their students. They need to be award of the serious issues that may not have to do with school, but will have an impact on their students. In the beginning I was a little worried about how to handle those types of issues, but I think this approach won't be as hard. After doing this smore newsletter, I feel more confident with handling serious issues that may occur around or in my classroom.


Obtaining my google certification is a good example of engaging in my own professional growth. As a professional educator, there is always something that you can learn. If you ever get to the point that you feel as though you have learned everything, it may be time to retire. Teachers have a responsibility to stay on top of the newest things that are going on. Certifications and attending workshops are a good way to meet this standard.

I was completely nervous about this certification, and if I could actually do it. In the end I was able to and I am extremely proud of myself. I plan on being the type of educator that is always trying to see what's new that I can use to help my students. I know that having my google certification will help me in the future.

I DID IT!!!!

I believe I have overcome so many of my fears, and I know I have accomplished a lot. I honestly did not realize while on this journey I would be accomplishing so much that I could actually use in the future. I was able to get out of my comfort zone while completing the Makey Makey assignment. I finally completed my first lesson plan, and I will definitely be creating plenty of those in the near future. I am even excited to do a flipped lesson for my future students, and when an issue arises I can resort back to smore. My professional growth has started now, and I know I will continue growing professionally through out my career. I am very excited about my journey!



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