Tiffany Pratt, Designer & Maker
435 Angled Snap On
435 Downward Angle Snap On Project 1
435 Downward Angle Snap On Project2
435 Straight Snap On
435 Upward Angle Snap On
475 QE Angled Snap On
475 QE Downward Angle Snap On
475 QE Straight Snap On
475 QE Upward Angle Snap On
480 Angled
480 Downward Angle
480 Downward Angle Project 1
480 Downward Angle Project 2
480 Straight
480 Upward Angle


Created with images by heidielliott - "Close up of Circuits after Washing" • R391n4 - "yarn string thread" • wuestenigel - "Colored threads set" • grapesky - "threads spools vintage thread" • PublicDomainPictures - "background bobbin color"

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