A Grey Overcast Day On the Baltic sea coast

Welcome to the Baltic Sea Coast in winter. Don't expect to see the sun. In 2016, I took some pretty interesting long exposure photos of sunsets over the water with some good colorful clouds. That would not be the case this trip. There wasn't much color anyway, so a perfect time to go Black and White. As far as I know, The sand dune coast (that you can see in the distance in the above photo) is a relic of the last Ice Age. There are granite boulders in the embedded i the sand of the dunes, presumably deposited as the glaciers melted. As the dunes are eroded by storms on the seas, the boulders end up in the water. Well for me, they make good accent points in the photos.

The camera exposures fore these photos are 1 to 2 minutes. This makes the waves disappear and provides a smooth appearance to the water. For a comparison, a normal camera exposure of the same rocks in the same camera set up is shown below, in it's original color.

1/15 second at F/16

The old wooden beach control structures also make a good view for this type of photo.

60 Seconds at F/22

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