Stepping Out To the top of the Billing

The "billing" is the local name for the clump of trees that sits atop that hill in the photo below. It is a well-loved, and well-visited landmark in Rawdon, Leeds, West Yorkshire. It lends its name to the local tea shop and to several roads.

The photo below is taken from Bayton Lane, which runs along the back (i.e. on the far side from the car parks, arrivals and departures, etc.) of Leeds Bradford airport.

Another page, linked by the button below, contains photos of the billing taken over a period of more than a decade.

The photo below shows the billing from the side exactly opposite the one above. Larkfield Dam is shown in the foreground. Today I went along the path on the right-hand side of dam took the path which you goes up the hill on the far side.

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"No public right of way"

"No public right of way" declares the sign on the gate. In fact there is a well-signposted public right of way. But the residents of a small collection of apartments are not keen on walkers taking a shortcut through their parking lot.

Larkfield Dam
Otley Chevin is just visible on the horizon
The view toward Ilkley (just to the left of the largest fence pole on the right).
This great seat is all that is left of an anti-aircraft emplacement from WWII

At the top I took a 360° panorama of the view. The button below will take you there. Be patient for it to load up and then make sure that you view it at high resolution (1024dpi)

To the right of centre: You can just make out Leeds-Bradford airport, just the other side of Bayton Lane just visible, just below the skyline.
I think those are natural stone formations. The remains of the concrete anti-aircraft emplacement look very different.
Larkfield Dam. Bradford is off in the distance beyond the left-hand edge of the picture

As the afternoon moved towards its close, the light on the dam became even more appealing.

As I headed home, I turned to take another photo.
The billing can be seen just to the right of those houses; Larkfield Dam is just beyond that parking lot.
The "ginnels" or "snickets" that run between houses to allow public right of way connections between streets
Yet another perspective: Larkfield Dam is over the horizon on the left, Leeds-Bradford airport over the horizon on the right
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