SSU - 'PIGGY-BACKING' ON A POPULAR CANADIAN COFFEE EVENT Sheridan Student Union using the term 'loser' to make everyone a 'winner'

Written by: Alyssa Lashbrook - Sheridan College.

From February 1, to February 24, the Coffee Loft on the Sheridan College Trafalgar campus is using a popular Tim Hortons coffee event to their advantage.

The Coffee Loft is located on the Sheridan College Trafalgar campus, above the Marquee.

Roll Up The Rim started on Feb. 1, 2017, and as it happens every year, millions lined up to win prizes, but were disappointed when they didn’t.

Throughout the month of February, the student body and faculty of Sheridan College can take part in an event that allows the losing tabs from the coffee cups, to equate to a free 12oz coffee or tea, an event the Sheridan Student Union (SSU) is referring to as, ‘Calling All Losers’.

Daniel Casey, the senior manager of hospitality and operations for the SSU spoke on how there is no competition with any of the coffee shops on campus, but that they are rather using an aspect of it in order to promote their businesses.

“Instead of trying to compete with someone else’s promotion, we just piggy-back on it and try to keep our name out there at the same time. We reward you when you choose to visit us,” Casey said.

Due to the event, the Coffee Loft has seen an increase in traffic and that more customers become aware of the business, “We get a good bump in traffic, and hopefully we entice them to buy something else when they visit, or visit us more often. We find a lot of people get to experience us for the first time since we’re kind of tucked away,” said Casey.

The Sheridan Student Union has distributed these posters around the school in order to promote the event and make the student body and faculty aware of what they can use their losing tabs for.

While this event is great for the SSU, it is also helping students to save some money and make them feel a little better about themselves.

For Dragon Maricic, a student at Sheridan College, this event is helping him keep some of the money that he works for saved in his wallet.

“This benefits students by being able to save some money when it comes to coffee purchasing. Because of this event, I definitely have more cash than usual in my wallet.”

Not only does this event keep some money in the accounts of those who buy coffee, but its making those who use it feel better and make them smile.

“This event brings a smile to my face mostly because I never win during roll up the rim, and the Coffee Loft has been great since I started school. The staff is always super friendly and attentive, this event only solidified that they are thinking of ways to make our lives a little easier,” Maricic said.

The event may be giving more publicity to the Coffee Loft, but it is also helping students to save some money, and making everyone feel a little better about losing.

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