Valencia, Spain my seven day vacation

How much will it cost to spend a seven day vacation in Valencia, Spain?

The cost of the plane ticket will be 1,468.08 dollars for its way over there and its way back. Your breakfast will be up to two to five dollars your lunch will be up to four to ten dollars and dinner will be up to nine to seventeen. The attractions of Valencia, Spain will go up to six dollars or up to forty dollars depending on the attractions. The transportation will go up to twenty dollars depending on what transportation you use. The hotel will be about 500 dollars for all seven nights.

where would i stay for my seven day vacation ?

i will be staying at Barcelo Valencia hotel. The address iv Av. de Franca, 11, 46023 Valencia Spain. It is a four star hotel. All the reviews say that it's a very clean hotel with very nice employees.

What kind of food do they serve ?

Some of the famous dishes in Valencia is la paella it is made out of rice, saffron, chicken, seafood, ect.. cooked and served in a large shallow pan. I would like to go to the restaurant Dukala it seems like a very nice place to go eat at. This restaurant is a 4.5 star eating place

What are some famous places in Valencia ?

One of the most famous attractions in Valencia, Spain is the city of arts and science. This is an entertainment based cultural and architectural complex in the city of Valencia.

What are some things i'll do while i'm on my vacation ?

what i'll probably do while im in my vacation ill go to church, i'll walk around downtown and discover some street arts on buildings, or ill probably go visit la tomatina or las falles just to enjoy my vacation.

What is the transportation like ?

Some of the transportation in Valencia are buses, the metro system, taxis, hiring a car, or catching a tourist bus. In Valencia there is alot of transportation because it is a tourist city.

What is the weather like in Valencia, Spain ?

The best month to visit Valencia, Spain in between May and September if you love basking in the sunshine and plus it is a good time to spend a lot of time in the beach. During these months you'll have to take a lot of shorts, skirts, sandals, bikinis and ect..

What is some history or some cultural things they do ?

Where Spain is located, once was a part of the Roman Empire before it came under control of the Visigoths. The reason was later conquered by the moors of the moors of north america around the 8th century. some cultural things are like the traditions they have like the fiestas, the ceramics, the costumes, the music, the cuisine or even la corrida all of these are things they celebrate during the year.


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