Katherine Johnson by Macrory Mason

Katherine at NASA
  • Was born on August 26, 1918
  • had a love for math at a young age
  • she had three older siblings: Charles, Margaret, and Horace
  • She began high school in 1928, at 10 years old
  • she graduated high school and went on to college at 14 years old
early life
  • In June, 1953, she became a research mathematician at NASA
  • One day, Katherine and a colleague were assigned to help the all-male flight research team
  • Later she worked on the Space Shuttle Program and on plans for a mission to mars after Neil Armstrong's land on the moon

Engineering at NASA

  • engineers at NASA create the tools astronauts need for space missions and create software for the systems
  • systems like SAFE-Cue(the Smart Adaptive Flight Effective Cue) system provide a means to operate an air vehicle when damaged or when systems fail
  • Armstrong innovators made a lifting-body aero tow simulation to determine the procedure for towing the Dream Chaser Flight Test Vehicle(FTV)
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Macrory Mason

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