The world according to Hamish b


Q&A.Q:what makes a good citizen?

A:paying your taxes,following laws, having content for the governed(voting), and more like doing things for others.


What is the difference between limited and unlimited forms of government?

Evidence and analysis #1

Limited government is when the government have to follow laws like everyone else. Limited government has limited power which causes the people to be able to interact and determine the government and who rules the country.

This type of government is called democracy and that is what some people call the best form of government. When the majority calls for a democracy they will elect the the more democratic leader.

Evidence/analysis #2

unlimited government is different. Dictatorships usually have all power like king John im who is a dictator (sorry for mis spelling that I don't know how to spell that. Also people like king tut ruled a absolute monarchy for their government at the time. Unlimited government is unlimited power.

As you can see now unlimited government leads to unlimited power which leads to people having no rights. Separation of power is the biggest issue with unlimited government because one person rules the country and has all power. That leads to that person enforcing laws with the military.


Ifyou can't see the difference this sums it up. Unlimited government is unlimited power which doesn't turn out well. Limited government is limited power which is a good thing.

Euessential question, question

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?


The countries that are members of the e.u.all corporate and work together as one force.

Evidence/analysis #1

They are all under one name which is centripetal and all use the euro which makes them all together and friends which means the all those countries form the eu as one force.

The only problem is language barriers are pushing them apart being centrifugal making them not be able to communicate sometimes.

Evidence/analysis #2

They are a supranational group so they will all corporate with all the countries in the group making them one force.

The problem is some of the members are thinking of kicking out some countries because of an economic crisis happening in some countries pulling the apart.


There are yes’s and no’s saying maybe, maybe they are maybe they aren't one big force.

African essential question. Question/claim

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

People adapt by living near oasis and using all materials from cash crops and trees.

Evidence and analysis #1

People use trees like palm dates baobab and Acacia so they can build their homes and other buildings.

The cause of these trees being used is deforestation and causing the oasis to shrink and the dessert to grow and grow.

Evidence and analysis #2

People use camels to be transported across the country. One plus about this is the little water that camels need unlike how cars need gas.

This can be very helpful in times of little water and you only have enough to make it back to the village or in a drought.


In conclusion their are many ways that people adapt to living in the dessert,


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