Hinduism by will clark

What I Believe

My name is Will. I am 11 years old. I was born in New Jersey, but I currently live in Singapore. I go to the Singapore American School or SAS. My favorite subject is PE but I like social studies and RLA too. I enjoy playing video games and sports such as American football and soccer, with my friends.

My family and I believe in Christianity. We believe that God sent Jesus down to earth to save us from Sin and all those miracles he performed for us. When I feel upset, I think of how God is always there for me and how Jesus died for me. I go to church every week and I believe that I should pray to God. I try to follow God’s Ten Commandments because I believe that they are a reasonable form of giving back to God, who sacrificed his only son so that we could be free from Sin. I was baptised when I was 1 or 2 and since then I have believed in God. I think that this affects my decisions because I always feel like I need to be respectful and kind to other people.

I also believe in equality, no matter whether you are Jewish or Christian or Muslim or whatever religion. I think that everyone should have the right to education. I also believe that everyone should have water, food, and shelter. I believe that everyone should be honest and fair. I believe that everyone should do their best to be honest and hard-working for what they want.

What does a Swastika mean?



Swastikas were used in all different civilizations, ancient and recent including,

  • Ancient Greece
  • Troy
  • The Ancient Druids
  • The Celts
  • The Nordic Tribe
  • Early Christians
  • Hindus


A Swastika means more than one thing. It means well being, good luck, and good existence. According to P.R. Sarkar, a Sanskrit scholar, Swastika has a deeper meaning of Permanent Victory.

Negative and Positive Swastikas

Negative and positive Swastikas have different meanings. The right-handed swastika is the symbol of Vishnu and the sun. The left-handed swastikas symbolize Kali and Magic


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