Healthy Behaviors By: Daisy Obst

Yum! Eat Healthy

Benefits of eating healthy- Prevents diabetes, depression, arthritis, and certain types of cancer. Helps boost your energy, and improves your mood. It also helps control your weight. It isn't bad to eat junk food, just don't eat it all the time. Pick the apple over the cupcake, you can do it!

Get motivated!

Benefits of exercising- Strengthen your bones and muscles. Reduce your risk of diseases, and controls weight. Don't make excuses, go for a run, take a walk. You don't always have to go to the gym. Just exercise!


Benefits of good hygiene- Prevents diseases, nice smile, lower health care costs, self-esteem, social acceptance, and pain prevention. Nobody wants to smell bad, take a shower, brush your teeth, and please always wear deodorant.

Always try to get 8-9 hours of sleep at night. This will help you be more productive during the day, and healthier.

Find a way to manage stress. Stress is really bad for you. Find an activity that you can do daily to get your mind off stuff. Exercising is the best way to relive stress.

If you eat healthy, exercise, and have good hygiene, you can live a better, and healthier life! Also it can help prevent many diseases! So follow these three things, and life will be great, don't make excuses you can do it!


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