Journal de lecture Festival litteraire 2018/2019

Dédicace au lecteur de Rhéa

Des étoiles au plafond Johanna Tydell

18 Je fais un lien entre le livre et ce que je vois dans la société, autour de moi, dans les journaux ou à la télévision

Ce livre m'a complètement rappelé la série Thirteen reasons why L’héroïne est très mal et ne sait pas comment sortir de sa douleur


Created with images by Sincerely Media - "Reading In December" • Billy Huynh - "If you like and utilize my work, please consider donating via PayPal: paypal.me/billyhuy — More than anything, this photograph was really the result of a series of little accidents. After abandoning a hike halfway through due to lack of sunlight, we subsequently began to make our way back home. As we drove through a long stretch of highway, I made the decision to nap in the back, but before that, for whatever reason, I peered out the window and into the heavens first. At that point, I began screaming like a madman telling everyone to look up. Amazed, we pulled into the next rest stop."