Ancient Rome Travel Guide

The location of Rome is in Italy in the central near many mountains and a famous river called the Tiber river

In Rome there is a lot of mountains for example there are seven hills called , the Carnelian, Aquiline, Quirinal and Minimal hills were portions of a volcanic ridge. The Aventine, Capitoline, and Palatine hills formed the western group of hills. In ancient Rome each of the seven hills had separated into two walled cities.

Some cities were,Alexandria that city one of the five major cities of the roman empire. Alexandria wasn’t only one there was Carthage, ←Mars-ilea was one of them .The Eternal City,by the way was built to the west of the Tiber river.An d last but not least Zenobia which controlled the trade route from the Romans to the Antioch.

The Colosseum,A fact is that they use to fight there if you did something bad you would fight to death if you survived For 3 years you would be free.You would usually also fight wild animals.

Land Marks:One example of landmarks would be the Cloaca a fact would be that was the system of the sewage.The name literally mean the Greatest Sewer

Colosseum because you would enjoy the fight but there are some people that dont like the death.They got entertained by watching the fight or races.

sports or contests was another ,Since they had over 200 religious day every day you would be to see a game every day!.

They would go to the theatre because a noble people would pay for it and invite other people because it was very expensive, let's say i was the noble i would invite the whole school to come watch points

What kind of food did they eat? They ate 3 meals a day they mostly ate bread for breakfast,Midday they ate fish,cold meat , bread

How did the wealthy live? The wealthy romans lived in large comfortable houses with a lot of rooms and beautiful furniture

How did the poor live? They lived in apartments made out of wood and stone which would often collapse because of the poor material. :(

What did the families look like? The poor family couldn't afford to send their children to schools,The girls would learn in the house.They would choose their marriages

Where did they worship? They worshiped in temples or go to the baths.

The language that they used in ancient rome was used wa Greek and latin mainly latin


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