Best gift I've given Natalya Binning

The best I have given to my sister was her favorite toy she saw in the store. We would hear her beg for our mom to say yes every time, the answer was always no. It was almost Christmas, and I felt like this would be a good gift for her.

The toy was stuffed, soft, and small. It cost almost twenty dollars. I brought my own money and went to the section we always see the stuffed toy. I picked it up, and placed it into the cart. We bought it and left, I had to go upstairs before she saw me so I could wrap up her gift. I was in my room trying my hardest to wrap a stuffed toy into some paper. It was hard to make it look nice.

When I was wrapping it up she almost walked in on me, I had to get up and lock my door before my gift for her wasn't a surprise anymore. I had to restart on wrapping up the gift because it messed up yet again. It was almost as annoying, as when my sister begs and complains for things without saying 'Thank You'.

When I finally finished I wrote her name on the front in sharpie. I unlocked my door, went down the stairs, and placed it under the tree. She asked everyday "What did you buy me, what did you buy me??" It was so annoying, but I had to sit through it because I didn't spend twenty dollars on a stuffed toy for it to be not a surprise. When Christmas day finally came she went to my gift first. When she opened it up she screamed and gave me a hug. She told me it was one of her favorites. I see her with it everyday that's how I know she isn't lying about liking it.

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