Seeking the Good Life at the Florida Museum of Natural History Hannah griffin I iuf1000 I spring 2017

Nature on Display: The conservation exhibit was extremely appealing to me. It captures my attention with the collection of live butterflies once thought to be extinct. I may not have appreciated the significance of the statement about conservation and the description of the art without the display of the beautiful butterflies. I enjoyed the exhibit because it educates the general public about conservation while SHOWING why it is necessary to take steps towards being more environmentally conservative.
Nature and Ethics: The museum did offer me a way to "love, admire, and respect" the land (Leopold). I especially felt this way in the butterfly rainforest. I sensed that I was one with nature, and I was amazed by the variety of the butterflies. Everyone was enchanted by the butterflies and the facts that were being stated about them by one of the museum staff members. The museum allowed everyone a chance to observe the butterflies and plants in a simulated natural environment. It instilled in me a feeling of wanting to protect the beautiful living things I observed while at the museum.
Nature and the Human Spirit: The museum helps us to step out of our ordinary lives by exposing us to other cultures and areas of importance (primarily nature). It helps us understand that the world is extremely diverse and that there is significance in everything that we practice and occasionally take for granted. It aids us in realizing who we are as human beings be creating a sense of unity among the diversity of culture and nature that exists worldwide.

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