The Amazing Robots By Brayden

Robots are amazing they can do many thing in this case this is a modl. They can make cars. one reseon is because we have more time to do stuff they want. another thing they do is they make food. Same reseon. They also help in factrese. one reseon is because it is faster.

These are some resons they change. One way they chang is by the dasine. One reson is because if you did not have the dasine you kood not build it. They are cool. one reson is because they do not have legs. they chang in time. one reson is because gets better after time. those are resons.

These are some resons how they chang. some walk some dont. Thats how they get better. They get better by better sinetsts . Thats how they get better. They get better people going to saport them. Thats away they get better. Thats how they change.


Created with images by Brett Jordan - "R2-D2 Exploded" • Bob Doran - "robot" • firepile - "Robot" • ki-kieh - "drone technique technology"

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