martrez huff #1

i chose hot wings cause they are hot and have and great tatse in meat and taste good in ranch
i wanna be and cheetha cause they run fast and can get anything they wont to eat.
i want to accomplish being and 2x statechamp
nick suriano is my hero he shows that hard work pays off
my favorite thing to do over the summer is to go fishing
my movie would be about life and will smith can act me cause im fye
imm chose this ice cream,cause i am entertisting guy i like and lot of things
i picked johnny test, cause he goes out is doing stuff every day he lit everyday and i like it!!!!!!!
i want to go to maine to go fishing at there lakes.
my dream job is to been and olympic wrestler
im am moring person
my favirote hoddy is to golf
one thing i dislike about myself is that im lazy
my favorite person im my family is kevin he always be turnt
when i take pictures my eyes be closed
i am althletic, smart , and respectful;
it would be comdey
i would be nick cause he is and great wrestler


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