The Lies of the NSA BY Max Greenberg

Edward Snowden was an average everyday computer worker whose office was most likely Starbucks. Snowden had his own beliefs of the government and one day stood above it and one day he became more than just a computer geek. Some people say he was a hero others say he was a traitor to America. Snowden had hacked into the NSA and leaked their deepest darkest secrets his only motivation was to do good because he had the impression that the government was doing illegal things on the inside. My topic is about the secrets that he released and how it changed america. One of the major leaks was that all phone companies have been providing people with hacked phones by the NSA so they could spy on people which is a violation of privacy. It turned out that almost everything was hacked and people were constantly being spied on. The NSA had hacked other foreign nations and governments. Xkeyscore was a former program used by the NSA it goes over global internet data everyday. Snowden released secrets of a hacking team called TAO that hacked everyone who had suspicions. There are many more secrets but even just a few of these made Americans insecure about their privacy. It also made the American people lose their trust in our government. So while some people say the Snowden, the traitor, ruined america. Others continue to believe otherwise.

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