Programing By: Sara O'Connell

Date- 3/24/17
Think~ Today is the second day of programing, and the first day of this Spark Page. I can't wait to finish programing Sparky Jr. Yes I know, Sparky died, but he has a son now and later maybe Sparky Jr. will have a daughter named *Sparkles*.
Date: 3/27/17
Think: Today we are programing Sparky Jr and hopefully we complete this challenge where he goes to all the black lines, stop, lift his claw up and down on each line.
Date: 3/30/17
Think: Now we are doing an apple orchard challenge where Sparky Jr goes along side both sides of three lines.
Date: 3/31/17
Think: Today we are going to be trying to fix Sparky Jr's angle measurement.We want to get this over with so we can get going with the other challenges.👩🏽‍💻
Date: 4/3/17
Think: I think that we are going to have Sparky Jr try to finish the challenge. And then start the next one.
Date: 4/4/17
Think: Yesterday we completed the challenge, and today we will start a new one.
Date: 4/5/17
Think: Yesterday we finished the first line and the second one, all we have to do is finish it and then start on the next one.
Date: 4/6/17
Think: Today I was not here to help with the challenge, because I was doing UIL for Choir.
Date: 4/7/17
Think: Today we finished the challenge and tomorrow we will start on the next one, maze.
Date: 4/10/17
Think: Today we are going to start the maze challenge, with Sparky Jr.
Date: 4/11/17
Think: yesterday we ran into problems with Sparky Jr's sensor, because we didn't have a certain sensor.
Date: 4/12/17
Think: I think that today we will be doing the maze challenge and I think we will succeed.
Date: 4/13/17
Think: We did the maze challenge, but we found out that we didn't do one challenge.
Date: 4/30/17
Think: The past few days we have had problems with Sparky and Sparky has had multiple problems.

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