Prosper Band News August 8, 2021

Just a note...

We had another FANTASTIC week of Summer Band. It is hard to believe that we are coming to a close of the 2021 Prosper Summer Band Project. We have been so proud of all of the students and what they have been able to do in such a short (but intense!) period of time. Congratulations to all!

It was so great to meet so many parents at the band registration on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you more! If you were not able to attend, please ensure that you have gone through the online registration process which is accessed by clicking on the button below.

As mentioned in the yesterday's Band News, please keep all videos of our rehearsals to yourself and do not distribute on any public social media forums. We want to control what we release at the right time. Thank you for your understanding!

Band Calendar for the Week of August 9th

After School Sectionals Begin on Thursday

We will begin after school rehearsals on Thursday. Please make sure you look at the times and locations of each rehearsal. We try to give as much time as we can for students to prepare for rehearsals, all while keeping the dismissal times as early as possible. We realize there are some quick turn arounds, so it is important that students prepare the week in advance to ensure that they are successful for each school day and rehearsal through proper planning. We will be discussing some planning techniques in class to help with planning and transitions.

Saturday Rehearsal and Meet the Eagles

On Saturday, August 14th we have a Saturday morning rehearsal and return to be together at our first performance at the Children's Health Stadium for Meet The Eagles! This is such an exciting time for our students to show off and to be together in this amazing stadium to kick off the year.

Rehearsal is from 7:30am to 11am at Prosper High School.

Meet The Eagles will be at the Children's Health Stadium.

  • Call time is 5:45pm at Children's Health Stadium (this is the NEW stadium... NOT the Old Eagle Stadium behind Reynolds). PLEASE BE ON TIME. The event kicks off at 7pm.
  • Drop-off and parking is at the CHS Fine Arts Entrance located behind the scoreboard (it's the big TV screen in the stadium.... you can't miss it!).
  • All students should wear their Dry Wick/Color Guard Shirt, black shorts and athletic shoes. We will have show shirts available and hand them out this week for those students that did not pick them up at registration.
  • We will be playing the Horse (spirit show version), Alma Mater and the Fight Song from the stands.
  • Seniors will all be recognized.
  • No Parent tickets are needed for this free event.

Absence Requests

Prosper Mighty Eagle Band members are expected to be at all rehearsals, events and performances as listed on the Prosper Band Google Calendar. We understand that unavoidable conflicts may sometimes arise, but it is important that all students are present as we cannot teach an empty spot or chair. It is the student's responsibility to obtain all material that was missed and makeup the time appropriately. If you have attempted all aspects of working around this conflict, but cannot come up with a solution, please fill out the following absence request form ASAP.