Packaging and Publications Coursework 2019

Wyndham College - Faculty of Art, Photography and Design 2019

Product Design

Outcomes Assessed: DM1, DM2, DM3, DM4, DM5 DM6, CH1, CH2, CH3 CH4

Task notification; Week 3 Term 3 2019
Submission due; Week 2 Term 4 2019

The purpose of this task is to introduce you the student to packaging concepts, processes and related design strategies, that may be encountered in the production of merchandising product, as part of a music industry promotional campaign


Investigate and subsequently produce an alternate packaging design concept for music CD distribution.

@ jyudeidei.blogspot.com

In the process of this investigation you will be assessed on;

  • Evidence of research related to alternative CD packaging and design (approx 20 images)
  • Evidence of investigation of font and colour combinations (style sheet)
  • Preliminary and finished sketches of design concepts
  • Artwork for packaging and promotion (as a submission requirement this will include front cover + back cover or equivalent (exterior / interior), disc artwork, insert booklet and promotional poster @ A3
  • Where the design concept allows; the assembled packaging submission with included artwork.
Submit your working files in both PSD & JPEG format to your 'CD Packaging' folder inside your Visual Design folder.

Where the packaging concept is sufficiently complex as to render the inclusion of your graphics too difficult, submit;

  1. Your graphics as digital files (PSD + JPEG) as per above
  2. A mock up of your packaging concept (preferably using lightweight card or boxboard)
Promotional Poster
Disc design
Research Task

This component looks at the development and application of type in both hard copy and web settings.


1. Provide a description, historical background information and examples of the following fonts.

  1. Palatino
  2. Times New Roman
  3. Trade Gothic
  4. Garamond
  5. Gills Sans
  6. Helvetica
  7. DIN 1451

2. What are true type fonts and why are they required by most operating systems?

3. What are the essential differences in, and characteristics of, fonts developed for hard copy and internet usage?

4. The terms 'Hot' and 'Cold' refer to specific kinds of type. What are the essential differences and where were they most commonly used?

5. Research the following and provide background information on the development and usage of;

  • Web Core fonts
  • sIFR Technology (scalable Inman Flash technology)
  • Common web fonts.....prior to the advent of scalable fonts for the web (provide 5 examples).
Assessment Grid
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