The hazards here is the electric cable which are on and left open in the middle . students can fall and also get electric shock. the risk is high.

This fire extinguisher can also be a hazard because anyone can get hurt if they don't see it on their arm.there is a high risk for it to happen.

This picture is also a hazard because anyone whose tall can get hurt and also this picture can fall suddenly leading to severe injury.The risk for this to happen is high.

Thia can also be a hazard because any students who are wearing long heels can fall and hurt their ankle if they dont see it.it's a high risk.

This is a very dangerous hazards because it can fall on our head which can lead to severe head injury. This is a high risk.

This paving slab is also a hazard. Anyone can trip and fall and also injure their ankle. This risk is a high risk

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