SHOGUN the high ranking military leader of japan

The shogun were high ranking military leaders in japan, the emperor had become a figurehead so the shogun had gained all the real power. Shogun were highly respected in futile japan they were looked up to by samurai, peasants and merchants.

here is a picture showing all the social roles of futile japan

The shogun's job was to keep dymios from killing each other witch at times was a very challenging job. They also played the important job of military leader, the shogun led the japanese army.

here is an image of what the japanese army might have looked like in futile japan

Dose the emperor have power over the shogun? It depends on how you look at it. To some people the emperor was 1up from the shogun, but the emperor had no real power, he was only a figurehead. The shogun did all the real thinking in futile japan.

here is an image of what a japanese emperor might have looked like in futile japan

Who dose the shogun have power over? The shogun had power over the peasants and merchants. The shogun did not have power over the samurai, the samurai only listened to their dymios. If a samurai betrayed their dymios or their code of honor the committed suicide.

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