Saline county kansas by Amanueal kifle.


Spring creel township,saline city,smoky hill, Ohio township,cambria.

Saline county was organized in 1859.

Saline county current clerk.

Jamie R Allen is the current clerk for saline county.

The sheriff for saline county Kansas is Roger Soldan


Marry Ann Bickerd was a field nurse in the civil war. Glen Martin design the first parachute. Steve Hadley a NASA astronaut is from Salina.

Before it name saline county it was named (salt river).

Common jobs in Saline county

  1. Farming ,fishing,forestry 16.81%
  2. Sales, office,a administrative support 15.09%
  3. Management, business 14.22%


  • Spring creek township 410 .
  • Saline city 48707
  • Smoky hill township 273
  • Ohio township 445

Total population in saline county is 55606. There are other cities and townships but this are the major cities and towns.

Current events

Bilzards some times happen in saline county.

Their was not so many wars happen in this county.

Their are some volcanoes in saline county.

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