February 2017 Ministry update from whitney & larry tu and epic Movement

"Don't be afraid to take the necessary time to learn."

This was the advice from staff in New York City where Whitney's team traveled to learn about other strategies to connect with millennials in city contexts. While there Whitney had the opportunity to visit friends in Boston, where she was snowed in! This was a first for Whitney and a learning opportunity in and of itself!

What does it look like to add value to our context?

This question has been resonating in our hearts since our learning trip to NYC. There are MANY organizations, churches, and businesses in cities like San Francisco and New York that seek to better people's lives or situations. But are we adding value to the city? Are we adding value to people's lives? If we aren't, should we even be here?

In this era, value seems to be measured in dollars or in immediate satisfaction. Please pray with us and ask God to show us how He values us, those we serve (young adults living here in San Francisco and the Bay Area), and the city context.


Some of our students after our first meeting of 2017! :) via Instagram

This month we started a Bay Area-wide small group with our students! Students from all over (UC Berkeley, College of San Mateo, USF, and SF State) stuffed into our studio apartment and dreamt about bringing Jesus to our communities. We were so encouraged to hear their hearts seemed even more emboldened to share the gospel than before! It reminds us that God is always at work--especially when we walk with Him together! We'll be meeting weekly with these students (and any they choose to invite!) to create a safe space for us to learn about God and others together! Please pray for us!


  • Our weekly small group times with our students! That it would have a culture of honesty, safety, and trust in the Lord and each other. Also that it would grow to become a safe space for many!
  • Our affiliated students: Brian, Ernest, Ivan, Heather, Ashley, and Kim -- that they would have thriving relationships with the Lord
  • Our meetings with consultants in and around the city: pastors, non-profit leaders, trusted friends. We're seeking wisdom and learning from others who have stake in God's work in the city!
  • God to continue to give us clarity and wisdom about how we can add value to the city of San Francisco
  • Structure and preparations as I prepare for my upcoming sabbatical!
  • Rest and rejuvenation while I take my sabbatical starting in March!


  • Blessed relationships with pastors and non-profit leaders and trusted friends who are giving us so much of their time and wisdom!
  • Involved students who we enjoy and (crazily) trust us to lead them!
  • 31 years of life for Whitney! :)
  • Opportunities to be invited (and flown out there) to learn from other ministries and people in New York City and Boston!
  • Larry getting to connect with and coach the San Jose State Epic Movement while he's at school there!
  • Great learning experiences for Larry through his internship at the Veterans Affairs hospital in San Francisco
  • Rain!! We are so grateful for the Lord's provision even over and into this land.
  • Whitney's sabbatical coming up!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We love hearing from you!

Us on Whitney's birthday at Grand View Park (or locally known as Turtle Hill) in SF for the 360 degree views of the city! (Plus it was like the only day it wasn't raining cats and dogs!)

Next month (March), Whitney will be taking a sabbatical for 4 full weeks! In order to create a restful space, she will not be checking or responding to her work email during that time. However, if you need to urgently reach her (needing a response prior to April 6) please email her at this address: whitneytu1@gmail.com. Thank you!! :)


Whitney Tu

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