The Divine, a Play for Sarah Bernhardt Thomas Meiser

I had never been inside the Constans Theater and it was much smaller than I imagined, though I think theres more space behind the curtain than I could see.

I went to the play with a friend of mine from ROTC, he was running late so I managed to save him a seat.

Standing outside the theater before the performance
Program for the play right before the curtain rose, so I had to put my phone away

The play was interesting, not normally something I'd go for but I've been to worse shows. As a Catholic with a good sense of humor of the shortcomings of all religions, the jokes were nice though I wish they had been a little more evenly distributed between the two parties.

The humor of the play does help tackle serious issues of the past that were important to be addressed. The Church, while with good intentions, is not perfect, as it is an institution run by humanity. Neither is business perfect as someone always has to lose in a competition. The humor helps soften these serious topics and make them more palatable, and I did enjoy how they joked about social dramas while acting in a social drama, bit of a 4th wall break.

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