Ramil Askarov Educator. Mentor. Leader.

I believe that every child can learn and has the right to a be educated. They all do not learn at the same rate, but with different strategies and methods it is possible.
Little bit about myself and Why do I want to teach?

I am originally from Turkey, but I was born and raised in Russia. After short period of time living in Russia, my family and I were forced to move to the US as a refugees. We moved to the US to get away from discrimination and racism and to work toward better future. My desire to become a teacher began in high school, when I first joined the Future Educators Association. During my high school years, I became involve in FEA and through FEA I attended conferences and workshops where important topics in the field of education were always discussed, I also participated in competition. Through FEA, I have gained confidence and social skills that became so important to me. When I was in my last year of high school, I worked at Goldsmith Elementary School as a teacher’s assistant where I worked with kids from different backgrounds and also who were really below the grade levels. I had a great experience doing these activities and truly experienced what it would be like teaching in the future. By working with kids, I developed a huge passion for teaching and I am now truly determined to become the best teacher I can be.

Children begin picking up language when they are infants. It is important for us as teacher to set a positive example. I believe that learning grammar helps students to easier communicate with other peers in the classroom.

Anchor chart co-created in a 3rd grade grammar lesson.
Being a resident ADVISoR has been a big part of my life at University of Kentucky.

I believe that communication between mentee-mentor is a vital part of being able to work together towards successful transition, and being able to communicate effectively is necessary as a Resident Advisor on a daily basis and in emergency situations. I am a very clear communicator, and good at expressing ideas in ways that others can understand.



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