MAPS Newsletter 11 October 2019

Key Dates coming up:

  • 15 October Open Day at 9am and 6pm for next year's new Reception - please let anyone who might be interested know about this and ask them to register
  • 18 October KS2 Inter House Cross Country at 2.45pm
  • 24 October Friends of MAPS Disco: R&KS1 3.45-4.30 KS2 4.45-5.45pm
  • 25 October - Non Uniform Day £1 for the Inspiration Fund
  • 25 October - half term starts at 3.30pm until Monday 4th November at 8.30am

Swimming Tigers

Due to recent cancellations we have catch up session for Tigers this week. Swimming will be on the following days - please bring their swimming kit! Monday and Tuesday morning.

MAPS singing: Saturday 11am in the MAA theatre. Free Admission The Opening concert of the National Malcolm Arnold Festival - combined singers from MAPS and MAA and the Malcolm Arnold Festival Orchestra (professional orchestra) conducted by Hilary Davan Wetton

And then on Sunday the DRET Primary All Star Choir (with our MAPS pupils in it) will perform a 30 minute recital in the Foyer of the Derngate at 6.30-7.00pm. This is Free and all are welcome

Non Uniform Day - £1

Last day of this half of term: Friday October 25th. Please come in non uniform (if you want to) in return for a £1 donation to the Inspiration Fund. If you want to come in school uniform that is still ok.

Morning starts: Please can you ensure you are on time for lessons starting. Lessons start at 8.45 and we expect all children to be in and at their desks / carpet, ready to learn. If the gates are shut (they close at 8.40am) you will probably not be in lessons on time. So please ensure you aim to get into school in good time (ideally 8.30am). If you arrive after the gates close you must escort and sign your child in via the main Reception. Regrettably it is often the same families who are late each day, which points to a need to leave home earlier. On Thursday we had well over 20 children late which means that virtually every class was probably unable to start on time. Please ensure you allow for plenty of time to get to school.

School Disco Thursday 24 October.

Reception & KS1 3.45-4.30

KS2 4.45-5.45pm

Tickets in advance from the Friends of MAPS, who will set up a stall before and after school nearer the time.

Thank you for the stickers from Aldi - we are making excellent progress. If you can get any more we would really appreciate them so we can send them off before half term.

Thank you!

Inter house Cross Country: Friday 18th October at 2.45pm for Years 3/4/5

If parents can get away from work early, they are warmly invited to come and see their children in the cross country. It will start and finish on the paddock area in between MAA and MAPS, and the pupils will be running for their houses (hopefully in their house T Shirts) and the race is 1 mile. I am a great believer that cross country gives an unrivaled window into the soul of a pupil and shows just how much they will push themselves. It is always interesting. We aim to start around 2.45, and it should be over by 3.15, ready for a normal pick up at 3.30pm.

Please make sure all pupils in Years 3/4/5 have PE kit and suitable footwear for the cross country. Failure to bring the correct kit will mean having to run in their uniform (not ideal). It will go ahead in virtually all weathers.

After School Clubs for next term

In the middle of next week, we will launch the clubs menu for next term. Bookings will close at 11.59 on Wednesday 23 October. All bookings must be made via the parents evening system as usual and parents will be notified the next day which clubs they have been successful in getting. Please ensure that you are fully committed to each and every club you sign up for - it is not fair on my staff who give up their time freely if pupils do not turn up and stop others on the waiting list from taking part.

Pokemon Cards: there seems to be a bit of an emerging craze to bring in Pokemon cards and swap them. From experience this leads to all sorts of problems. So while I will stop short of banning Pokemon cards and the like, I would strongly suggest that you do not let your children bring them in. If they are brought in, we can not accept responsibility for any trades or losses.


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