Crazy Cabomba by: aiden muscovitch

Cabomba (Fanwart) is part of the Cabombaceae family and in the plantae kingdom. This family includes several plants like Cabomba Furtaca. The highest rank for Cabombaceae is called Nymphaeales (a form of aquatic plant).
cabomba has a rough texture to make fish and other marine life stay away while they are clarifying the water they live in. Next, they have sharp green thorns to choke out any organisms passing by ; they also produce food through photosynthesis. Lastly, they grow white flowers up to 1 cm long.
Cabomba invade the following countries (from top left) Malaysia, America, Canada, India and Japan.
Cabomba are native to South America including Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru and Chile. Cabomba was caught on the bottom of the ships bringing other supplies going to Peterborough, Toronto, Albany, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and more.

Cabomba can attach to scuba divers flippers which can restrain divers from their journey.

Cabomba can also clarify water and this is extremely important to sea life and sea plants.

Even though the Cabomba can do so many things they do have negative effects for example they block sun so the other plants cant get the energy they need through photosynthesis.

There have been many efforts to control Cabomba. Some of these methods include beach clean ups, sonar Q, sonar AS and sonar RTU. Here are some questions you may ask: When is the best time to treat Cabomba? Plants must be present to treat. Water temperatures should exceed sixty degrees Fahrenheit. How often do I need to treat Cabomba? One to two treatments per season is usually plenty and How long does it take to see them gone? Generally within twelve to sixteen days things will be cleared up.

This species is invading us everywhere. What do we do?

Created By
Aiden Muscovitch


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