Week 14 Leaders

Congratulations to Gretchen Sax, Janet Bomwell, Jay Diaz, Carol Leveille, Dan Yappel, Tina Murray, Matt Hand, Becky Weatherly, Michael Rabidoux, Lisette Hernandez, John Domeier, Rodney Willis, Laurie Davidson, Lisa Pasler, Maxine Goosby, Carol Leveille , Melissa Ward, Ruby Robb, Debbie Tanner, Marianne Booth, Craig Brown, Keith Weyher and Debbie Black for hitting their VIP Bonus for Q1!

Congratulations to our Q1 A-Fame qualifiers Amber Peterson, Maxine Goosby, Melissa Ward, Lisa Pasler, Germania Echeverry and Tiffany Allen

Congrats to our Q1 Fame Qualifiers Matt SmithBill WhiteVinny ScullyChris Middleton, Sheri Crook, Seth Vansteenbergen, Jay Kaminski, Jeff Nelson, Jamie Hartt, El Breznay, Chad Jacobsen, Brenda Garrett, Jennifer Taggart, Brian Morris, Alan LeClair, Briony Pfluger, John Grubbs, Tim Cullinan, Mark Jalemma, Seth Keown and Jerry Maurey!

Q2 A-Fame Committments are due this week. We had a great time in Amelia so you won't want to miss your place in Costa Rica

Week 14 Associate Leaders

  1. Michelle Counter $12,411
  2. Colleen Donovan $12,203
  3. Carolyn Leveille $11.312

Congratulations to our Triple Crown Series Winners Week 13 and 14!

  • Fast Start: Karen Nayles, Melvin Dalrymple, Amanda Thompson
  • Super Fast Starts: Elizabeth Hernandez, Lisa Tancer, Eliseo, Santana, Michelle Counter, Yolette Winston
  • Fireball : Michelle Counter, Clay Redmond
  • Super Fireball: Alison Heck
  • Platinum Star: Anne Cartier

Congratulations to our Quota Busters

Charlie Wade, Rob Pelzel, Chris Middleton. Briony Pfluger, Tim Cullinan, Jennifer Taggart, Mark Jellema and Rebecca Wilmore

Final drawing April 27th in New Orleans

$68,000 could be coming your way!

Founders week coming week 17! Make sure you get your #PACEFACE for week 16
2017 Amelia Island Snapshots. Congrats to our Winners!
The Sky is the Limit in 2017. What are your goals and where is your activity taking you?

Costa Rica is within your grasp

A-Fame starts with a Nomination. Someone your know is looking for a change. "They" are everywhere. Keep your eye out and take a moment to ask. You could change someones life this week.

Hawaii is a Bucket list Trip. You won't want to miss it!

Thank you for doing the #HARDTHINGSFIRST

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