MY Hobby

My Name is Darragh. My favorite Hobby is listening to music, I really like the feeling of listening to music. I really like listening to music because i also find it interesting. i will listen to music to relax.

My most favourite artists are pop artists like Rihanna,Drake and many more


Rihanna and Drake are my favourite artists of 2016, There music is amazing and different.


This is another one of my most favorite artists SIA. Sia is a very inspirational artist and had amazing music, Sia uses big wigs to cover her face because she had battled addictions from the past and wants to be known for her music and not a celebrity


Ariana Grande is a great aristist of 2016 and her music is fast and upbeat to get you in good humour


BEYONCÉ is a really famous artist which has had numerous top songs of 2016. Beyonce has been one of the top artists for years now and before was in a girl band AKA Destinys child


Kanye West is Rapper and is also known for his clothing line "Yeezy"

These are some of Kanye's clothing line pieces.These have been on trend for the past year and always sell out!

Music is my Hobby and i have a great passion for it and these are some of my favorite artists included during this webpage !!

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