the digging dragon

Once upon a time there was a boy called mike and he was a spoiled boy cause if he didn't get what he wanted he would scream like a baby until his mother gives in and gives him what he wants so much.

One day in town mike and his mother were going to go and get mike some new red and blue school clothes for tomorrow was going to be his first day of school and they walked past a toy shop "let's go in there" mike said tugging his mothers arm "no we're going to buy you new school clothes" " but I want to go in there!" mike shouted "no" mikes mum growled "I WANT TO GO IN THE TOY STORE!!!" screamed mike "fine!" mikes mum snorted when they got in the toy store the man at the counter saw how bad mike was and called them over and gave mike a big dragon action figure but what mike didn't know that it was actually a ground dragon that has huge claws and huge sharp teeth. "but before you go you must know this don't put this toy on the dirt boy" and before mikes mother could even pay the man he ran home and put his toy in the backyard on the dirt and when he stepped back the dragon started moving towards mike all on it's own.

"AAAAHH!!!!!" mike screamed and got eaten in one big gulp and then the dragon hid by the rocks in the corner by the fence and when his mum got home she also got eaten in three bites The End.


Created with images by michael-day - "Dragon"

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