DTC #64: Cheeseboard, Graveyard, and Chill The summer classic when @cheeseboardandchill is at the helm





Gather up curated wine, cheese, and meats for a cheeseboard form a local shop.

Pick out some guilt free desserts for later from a “small time” baker.

Stake your claim in the famous graveyard outdoor movie in the best way possible.

The lawn you sit on at Cinespia is named the Fairbanks Lawn after Douglas Fairbanks Sr. & Jr.. Their tomb shares the space with you, kinda spooky, kinda fun to go find.
Stop 1

Pick Up Cheeseboard Accoutrements in a local legend

• 5pm to 6pm •

Young families push strollers while older couples share ice creams along the quaint strip of Larchmont Village. A few block area where window shopping is a religion you happily break through the crowd into the local legend and namesake Larchmont Wine, Spirits, and Cheese...

  • Larchmont Wine and Cheese has been family run and operated by the same family since 1995.
  • Their sandwiches are simple and delicious. If you’re feeling like grabbing one for later head in 30 minutes early as the deli closes at 5pm. Some options may be sold out, these ladies know how to dish em up!
  • The wine curation is guided by 4 simple rules: 1)They should poses a “harmonious, elegant and balanced nature” 2) Be made of “pure fruit flavors” 3) Where possible be made by farmers who use sustainable practices. 4) Perfect to drink with food.
Stop 2

The gluten free, vegan, low glycemic dessert for low guilt PICNICKING

• 6:10pm to 6:35pm •

The blue door swings open to a waft of scented bakery pleasure in the snug old school feel of Erin McKenna's Bakery...

  • This is the third location of Erin McKenna’s guilt free dessert land. The first was in New York and another location is in Orlando. Special little spot if you ask me.
  • If you want to be a badass order a cake a week beforehand.
  • Trying to save a few bucks? On the top right hand of the counter is the day old smushed together “cups of …” it’s $6 and enough for a few people to get their beaks wet.
Stop 3

The Graveyard movie extravaganza you may have heard of

• 6:45pm til you're kicked out of the graveyard •

Turning on to Santa Monica Blvd. the Cinespia energy is already palpable. Couples dragging their beach chairs, friends lugging pizzas on top of their old coolers and parking lot attendants screaming for your attention...

  • It is absolutely worth it to get the parking pass for $20 and a designated driver. Beware, they will not let you stop on Santa Monica Blvd. to wait til 6:45pm til the gates open. Be a pro, time it right, and you wont have to swing around.
  • Items to bring: huge blanket, a rollable mini table, light candles, cheeseboard board and utensils, plastic cups, a roll of paper towels, low chairs (no greater than 21” high), Moroccan pillows (you’re a master if you got these), and warm clothes.
  • Do not miss out on a few additional things: 1) they always have an epic photobooth that matches the theme of the film, you can do it before or after the show. 2) They have a DJ after the show playing tunes, hang out and enjoy the graveyard as long as you can.

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