PSA Project- Internet scams by: Alex Painter

What dose this Alert Mean?
This Image shows a unknown person that is stealing someones credit or debit card!
$83,563,599 were tooken in 2016! that's more than $100,000 then I thought there would be.
These People can even be ones that you know or love. Just because you know or have heard of someone you should always ask if you are going to be paid back.
This picture shows how easy it is to hack someones bank account if the know your information. There are people in this world that don't care about you or anyone but themselves.
This Man knows a Little something about Internet scams. in 1972 President Nixon after winning the Presidential Election was accused of wire tapping his privet information and trying to change it. Nixon would have been impeached if he didn't resign. Watergate will forever be known for how easy it is just to change something on the internet.

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