10 Unusual Things It Took A Forklift To Move By Arrow Material Handling Products

1. This 7 Foot Pizza

(Photo Credit: Nancy Luna, Orange County Register/SCNG)

The gauntlet was thrown down in Orange County after a friendly Facebook bet turned into a pizza baking competition so big it took a forklift. The setting was as timeless as Italian sausage pizza; the young modern chefs versus the classic old school chefs. These two teams worked individually on two mammoth pies. The young chefs crafted a 7 foot wide kimchi pizza with a foccacia-style crust, while the old school crew went with a classic Italian Sausage pizza measuring 9 1/2 feet wide. Forklifts were used to hold the pizzas while they we're being prepared and then used again to load the pizzas into the oven.

2. The World's Largest Surfboard

On international surfing day in 2015 a tele-handler was called on for a rather unusual job. That job was to help transport a 42 foot long surfboard in Huntington Beach, California. The board was so big that it could not be made by a surf shop, so a local boat manufacturer was contracted for the build. After being transported to the beach, the board was tied to a tele-handler supporting pallet forks with ratchet straps. That surfboard happens to be the world record for the largest surfboard ever made and the 66 people who rode it that day happen to be the most people ever to ride a surfboard at the same time.

3. The LegoLand 500,000 Lego Death Star

Standing 13 feet tall and 8 feet wide is the largest Death Star model ever built with Legos. It took a very careful forklift driver to precisely position this mass of 500,000 Legos into position at it's LegoLand exhibit. The forklift carried each half of the Death Star to the exhibit and carefully worked with the LegoLand team to position the model. It took three months and 15 model makers to build and an entire day to install with the help of a forklift. Additional time was still needed to create the display around the model.

4. This Supersized Squash

(Photo Cedit: South West News, Frank Baggs with his record-breaking 1,341lb pumpkin)

It took the lifting capabilities of a forklift to transport this gargantuan pumpkin to the scale where it weighed in at over 300 pounds, making it Europe's largest ever vegetable. It took 80 gallons of water a day and six tons of manure to grow this pumpkin 100 times larger than the average. Frank Baggs and his son mark had initially only planned to beat the British record, but with some hard work and a bit of luck they did a lot more. The father son duo had expected to weigh the pumpkin at a festival later in the year, but after the pumpkin began to show signs of rotting they quickly took it to the show, loaded it on a forklift and got it to weigh in.

5. An 800 Pound Alligator

(Photo Credit: KTRK Photo/ Christy Krobroth)

A forklift was called into duty at a Sugar Land, Texas hardware supply store, but not for the usual material handling job. Instead it was used to help remove an 800 pound alligator which had made it's way out of the swamp and into the parking lot. The alligator rescuer said the gator most likely just got lost and ended up in a shopping center parking lot. The gator was loaded into a truck with the forklift and transferred to an alligator breeding facility nearby. From the picture above it looks like FTP forks are ideal for transporting live 800 pound alligators.

6. A 241 Pound Watermelon

(Photo Credit: WPMI/Local 15 TV)

After 88 days this Watermelon weighed in at over 240 pounds to become the 10th largest watermelon recorded. It took a forklift to get this giant watermelon off the back of the truck and safely into the festival. The pumpkin was grown by University of Alabama student, Spencer Glasgow who is now striving to grow an even bigger watermelon to hopefully reach a full 250 pounds.

7. This 1956 IBM Hard Drive

In the year 2017 multiple gigabytes of information can easily fit onto a key chain hard drive. However, in 1956 it took a group of men and a forklift to handle IBM's first hard drive of just 5 megabytes (1/20th a gigabyte). The IBM Model 305 RAMAC had room enough for about 6 copies of the image above, and could be leased for about $3,200 monthly which would equate to $28,000 today. The unit measured around 16 square feet and needed to be housed in a 30 by 50 foot room, making it quite a load for a 1950's forklift.

8. This 655 Pound Sea Turtle

When a seven foot 655 pound leatherback sea turtle was found on a mudflat near Truro, Massachusetts it took the help of a forklift to move it to safety. These animals are so rare that the aquarium it was transferred to had only seen a total of five leatherback turtles in 40 years of operation. The turtle was treated and placed in a large water tank for the duration of it recovery. Forklifts were used to very carefully transfer this very large animal.

9. This 254 Pound Meatball

(Photo Credit: Jeff Reitsma)

It took a forklift to carry this 254 pound meatball to the scales where it was recorded as the world's largest meatball. It took 32 hours for Glen Oaks Community College of Centreville, Michigan to reach the ideal 160 degrees needed to fully cook this massive meatball. Aside from the large amount of meat required to make this meatball, over 50 pounds of additive ingredients and spices were used. All of that in combination with the rack, wok, and wrapping totaled over 400 pounds, requiring the use of a forklift for transportation.

10. The Rock

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Possibly, the most unusual use of a forklift came during the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXIII. The NFL's halftime show was a tribute to soul, swing, and salsa, but the WWE had a different event. During the Halftime Show the WWE broadcast it's championship match between wrestlers Mankind and The Rock. The match took place in an empty arena where the two duked it out, eventually making their way to the landing dock. Once there it was not long until Mankind had The Rock just where he wanted, laying on the ground in front of a forklift. Mankind quickly jumped in the driver's seat, switched on the ignition, and proceeded to lower the fork pallet pinning The Rock underneath and winning the championship belt. This is in no way safety certified, but it is the most unusual use of a forklift.

These were 10 examples of the most unusual uses of a forklift that we could fine. Have your own suggestions? Send them to us and look out for part two. Need some help finding the right attachment for your forklift? Visit our website or give one of our qualified sales reps a call! We'd love to help you find a solution for any usual or (even unusual) needs you may have... just please don't use them for wrestling.

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