LGBT+ Rights By Gwen evans

LGBT+ people throughout history have been discriminated against, maimed, and believed to be 'unnatural', 'ill' and 'inhuman' when in reality, they're unjustly treated because they're just normal people trying to live normal lives and everyone who hates them are just making that harder. there's really no reason to hate someone just because they like a different gender than what most people 'assume' they would or identify as a gender they weren't assigned at birth, it's as stupid as hating someone for the color of their skin. kids and adults alike are being mocked and killed for something they can't help and just recently we've been doing things to try and fix all of the taught hate and internalized hatred that gets instilled in so many people, out or not.

The Trevor Project is a lifeline for LGBT+ youth and the website also gives you information to educate yourself on things you need to know if you're not part of the community

I believe that the entire idea of discrimination is really stupid and i want to help if i can to break that barrier

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