Study Table By aarnav and govindnaraen

This is a retro filtered look of a study table in the morning with coffee to begin the days work. Picture by Govind
Pictures by Aarnav

2 pictures of a cup with different lighting effect setting a rather different mood

The first has light coming from the top giving it a midday sort of feel and like a 'relaxing session in the middle of a hefty day with a cup of chamomile' kind of vibe and setting a nice relaxing mood. The other has light coming from the right giving it a relaxing Friday evening feeling, as the its the start of the weekend.

This picture has light coming from the top right and the placement of objects also gives it a messy desk feeling. Picture by Aarnav
Picture by Govind

This is a picture of a table before getting messy and looks more organized, and also has light coming from the right giving it a beginning of something feel

Picture by Aarnav

This is our final picture and has an adequate amount of lighting and has everything arranged in a neat, yet pretty way. Everything is clumped up giving it a stuffy office feeling and even a 'Get back to Work'.

Created By
Aarnav Sarda


Govind and Aarnav

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