Froghorn 24th April 2020

Headteacher's Corner

Dear Parents/Carers

It has certainly been the strangest start to term that I have ever experienced. I am writing this Froghorn whilst one week into a fortnight of self-isolation after my youngest daughter started displaying symptoms. She and the rest of the family are fine, thankfully, but it has added an even stranger dimension to this first week back. Holding various staff team meetings with everyone video-calling in from their own homes has been a very different way of working. However, it has brought home to me even more than ever how fortunate we are to have the amazing team of dedicated staff that we have at Frogmore. Every one of them has been hard at work thinking about how we can continue to support our school community in the best ways possible as this situation continues to unfold.

I hope that you will have had the chance to watch your child’s house assembly, which each of the Directors of Progress have worked hard to put together. We really want to maintain the sense of community that is so important within our school and within each of the houses. This does also include looking out for the people around us. If you or your child become concerned about a friend, do reach out to them and encourage them to contact us for support.

There are so many wonderful examples of staff and students going above and beyond to help others in this crisis. Some staff have been making scrubs; others have been running and raising money; some are actively coordinating support for those most in need. There is some information later in the Froghorn about simple ways that you may wish to support others. There is a lovely scheme, for example, being run by St Mary’s Hospital involving knitted hearts. If you are good at knitting, this would be a great thing to do – read on for more information.

I have also been blown away by some of the excellent work that our students have been producing and submitting to their teachers. I have included below just some examples of the range of work that students have been doing. Do encourage your child to submit the work that they do to their teachers, when they are able to. We will try to celebrate as much of it as we can – and there are lots of Kudos points to be gained, even in the lockdown!

As ever, thank you for the support and hard work you are undertaking in keeping your children motivated in their home learning. We fully appreciate how difficult this situation is for everyone in different ways. Our community is strong and this strength, I believe, is founded in good communication and mutual support. You know we are here for you and your child at any point that you need us.

With all best wishes

Chris Vaudin - Headteacher

Excellent Examples Of Student Home Learning

Computing Animation Challenge





And now lets catch up with the house teams

Click on the button below for further guidance on home learning:

A message from the Peer Mentors…

Wellbeing during Covid-19

Many things we are hearing on the news in these times are rather troubling. As Peer Mentors, we have collected a list of things to help ensure all of the students know how to keep up their physical and mental wellbeing during the lockdown.

Connecting with others …

It is important during the quarantine to remember to keep in contact with other people. Stay connected with the people you live with, potentially through playing games and having family time regularly. If you have any elder relatives, whether they live alone or not, make sure to try and keep in touch with them. Make sure to Skype and Facetime with friends and family who you cannot see in person to maintain healthy relationships.

Keeping active …

Other than your mental wellbeing, it is important to keep physically active as well. Although the time you can spend outside is limited, make sure you’re going outside once a day to get fresh air and exercise. Anything from a short walk to a jog around will help keep you fit. There is also plenty to do inside, from doing simple stretching and taking regular breaks from work, to following online exercise videos. Whatever suits your mood, make sure you are keeping your body active.

Keep learning …

Aside from the more obvious things, you should try and keep things interesting by taking up a new skill, interest or hobby. Research shows taking up new skills can help boost your mental wellbeing and your self-confidence. Many tasks are easily accomplishable during lockdown. Some suggestions include cooking or baking, gardening or learning a new language online.

Giving back …

However, not only should you take care of yourself, it is very important you are taking care of the other people in your life too. Whether it’s by writing letters to people who may be isolated, donating to a charity or even helping out with tasks around the house or making someone a cup of tea, by working together we can all make this quarantine easier to live through and it will help you to feel good too.

Take notice …Appreciate the small things, take note of your environment and enjoy some still and quiet moments. Make sure you take breaks from screen time. Even though we’re relying on the internet a lot to keep us in touch and continue our learning, it’s important to have a rest in a safe outside space, where possible. Think about activities to keep up your spirits, either things you normally enjoy doing or clearing your mind through meditation or other calming exercises. You could try using an app like Calm or Headspace to do some mindfulness activities.

No matter how you choose to spend your quarantine, always keep your mental health and wellbeing at the forefront of your mind.

Compiled by Jude Neighbour with information gathered by Chloe McDonald, James Turner, Luca Harper-Gimenez, Olivia Smith, Libby Millray, Abby Metcalf, Bella De Pace, Sam Goddard, Caleb King, Isobel Dougan and William Palmer.

Message from the Cyber Ambassadors

Thinkuknow Website

‘Thinkuknow’ is the education programme from NCA-CEOP, a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline.

The website has six different sections, including ones for children in a range of age groups from ages 4 to 14+ and anywhere in-between. On the website there is also a section for parents and carers. When a child is on the website, they select their age and are taken to another part of the website. Depending on the age they input, the information will be different. For younger ages they will have options for games and have lots of information on speaking to an adult if something is worrying them. For older age groups there is information on using the internet safely and information on things such as sex and relationships.

There are lots of benefits with the use of this website:

- It provides information, from a reliable source, for young people about issues they may not feel comfortable to talking to an adult about.

- The information is put into sections. If a child goes onto their age group, they will be given the appropriate information.

- There are also options for the older age groups to get in contact with people if they have any concerns.

- Another feature is that you can report concerns or get advice directly to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection)

- There’s even #OnlineSafetyAtHome activity packs produced for parents and carers to use at home during COVID-19 measures

Adults and children should be aware that when using this site, younger children may have access to information that they may not be ready for yet. If a younger child is using the website, make sure they have a parent with them.

Written by Cyber Ambassadors Amy Jones (Y10) and Molly Fowler (Y9)

Heart to Heart

Help is needed to ease the pain for patients and relatives in our hospitals.

Are you or anyone in your family able to help our hospitals in need by knitting, crocheting or sewing pairs of hand held hearts?

Your help at this difficult time would be so appreciated. The idea of these is that one of the pair can be given to the patient and the matching heart can be given to their relative. This allows the relatives to have a small connection with their loved one and, in the case of end of life care, can provide some comfort to relatives. If you able to help, please email us at: adminoffice@frogmorecollege.co.uk

Please bring your pair of completed hearts into reception. Thank you in advance for any help.

Please click on the link below for a pattern.


Message from the Child and Family Support Worker

During these difficult times one of the really positive things that has emerged is witnessing the community pulling together to support each other. Please see the information below on how you can get involved:

A message from Hart Food Bank:

We have a team of volunteers at Fleet, Darby Green and Hook.

We open between 1:30pm and 3pm Mondays and Thursdays, at 3 distribution venues and our storage facility. Our clients usually have vouchers from referral agents which they exchange for food parcels. These are all long dated ambient foodstuffs from a pre approved list devised by Trussell Trust (https://www.trusselltrust.org/get-help/emergency-food/food-parcel/). Our clients either visit the foodbank or we have an out of hours delivery service from each centre. We will prepare food parcels without a voucher exchange but we do need to know that the client is genuine and in need.

Our present shortages are:

Instant Mash, Tinned Meat, Tinned Vegetables, Tinned Fruit, Tinned Potatoes

Custard, Rice Pudding

Washing Up Liquid, Washing Powder/Gel

Shampoo, Shower Gel and Soap.

Food Bank Donations

At school we have positioned a donation box outside our reception doors to make it easier for any parents/carers to make a donation to our local food bank. This will be available from 8:30am-4pm Monday to Friday.

You can also donate at various venues in the Hart area, which are listed on the link below:


If you are currently struggling to afford food for your family and would like some support, please do get in touch with us at school via phone call 01252 408444 or by email, with the subject heading "Food Bank", to adminoffice@frogmorecollege.co.uk

Please share with us if you have any examples of things you have heard about, or been involved in locally, that showcase this community spirit so that we can share it with our Frogmore Family.

Email adminoffice@frogmorecollege.co.uk with the subject heading "Good News"

Please click on the link below to view the Young Minds website, including updates on Coronavirus:

Please click on the link below to view the latest news from Hampshire Camhs:

The Coronavirus Hampshire Helpline is LIVE

The Coronavirus Hampshire helpline has been launched and offers advice and practical help to vulnerable residents who don’t have family, friends or neighbours that they can call on for help.

Coronavirus Hampshire helpline: 0333 370 4000

The helpline is open seven days a week from 9am to 5pm and anyone calling will be able to speak to an advisor about what they need and how the service can help. This could be things like information or advice; help with shopping for essential food or household supplies; collecting medicine; pet care; support with loneliness; or help with other practical issues, like putting out a bin or posting a letter.

Depending on what they need, they may be referred to the Rushmoor or Hart local response centre. If individuals have needs such as social care or health concerns, they will be referred into the appropriate care pathway.

Frogmore Community College would like to give a huge thank you to Morrisons for donating bread flour for our students when none could be found. A special thanks to Joe at Aldershot Morrisons and Matt at Southwood Morrisons who helped us in these difficult times.

Messages From Our Welfare Officer

Calling all students aged 10-14 who love a challenge and fun activities. Scout Leader, Mrs Light, holds weekly zoom sessions on Friday evenings at 7pm for forty minutes. This scout-led session is open and available to current scouts and non-members.

For more details, parents can email: 9thscoutleader@gmail.com

The World Athletics Organisation has some useful tips on keeping fit whilst self isolating with 5 simple activities/exercises that can be done at home. For more information on, this please click on the following link:


They also provide articles and links from well-known athletes, which include recipes and other ideas for keeping fit and healthy-both mentally and physically. Please click on the link below for more information:


Music News

Due to popular demand, The Rock and Pop Foundation is offering lessons FREE OF CHARGE in guitar, drums, keyboard and a special band show for more advanced students. The 30-minute lessons will be delivered via Facebook Live and, by registering in advance, you will receive a download code for the PDF lesson worksheets.

To register for Rock and Pop @ 10 o’clock please click on the link below


BEGINNER GUITAR - 10am on Tuesday 28th April

BEGINNER DRUMS - 10am on Wednesday 29th April

BEGINNER KEYBOARD - 10am on Thursday 30th April

BAND SESSION - 10am on Friday 1st May

Library News


The school has a fantastic eBook platform and every student has their own account that they can log in to and read or listen to the brilliant range of books available. If you’d like your login details, please email a.livingstone@frogmorecollege.co.uk and she will email them to you.

Here is the link to the website for you to have a browse: https://frogmorecommunitycollege-hantssls.wheelers.co/account/logon?returnUrl=/admin/help/admintips

All of the books listed on the Recommended Reads lists are available on this eBook platform, and if there any other books that aren’t currently on there, please request them and we will look to add.


Here is a list of websites to help keep you busy:


The Day is a news website curated specifically for secondary aged children. It has new articles every day, as well as quizzes and activities. The login details for the site are:

Login: Frogmore

Password: theday


eChalk is an educational learning platform, covering everything from art to maths to history. You can even learn binary in a short course. There are also a number of curriculum-based games to play. The login details are:

Login: frogmore

Password: echalk

The Book Trust has put up a fantastic array of activities, stories and videos for children young and old. Cressida Cowell has also been uploading videos of her reading the latest How to Train Your Dragon book. Click on the button below to view.


For those of you who had joined the Into Film club, there are some great resources, reviews and competitions on their website. If you haven’t previously, but would like to join up now, just email: a.livingstone@frogmorecollege.co.uk

There are a number of authors posting regularly on Twitter, with links to activities, writing competitions, video seminars etc. Some great ones to look out for are:

Micro-fiction challenge

For those of you who fancy getting creative, we will be running a micro-fiction challenge every week. All you have to do is write a story in 100 words or less and email it to a.livingstone@frogmorecollege.co.uk by 4pm every Thursday and we'll pick one winner each week.

Recommended Reads

Please click on the link below to see a selection of books selected for all year groups.


Please click on the button below to fill in the card and create your own Hogwarts student profile. What is your favourite subject? Who is your favourite professor? If you could join a school club, what would it be? You could be a member of the Gobstones Club, a member of S.P.E.W., a member of the Duelling Club, or you could be a Quidditch player. If there isn’t a club for your favourite thing, why not start one? You might like to create a Wizard Chess Club or a Potions Club! Don’t forget to draw a picture of yourself wearing your robes and pointed hat! When you’re finished, cut out the card, fold it down the middle and stick it back to back.

To follow Frogmore Careers and Frogmore Library on Twitter, please click below.

Fundraising News

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Please sign up and help us raise money for our students.

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